Meanwhile, Gamers Are Finding New Ways To Gain Lead In Online Streaks

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According to a column published on The Verge, developers behind the popular games including PUBG, Call of Duty, and Destiny 2, have raged a war against cheaters.

If you’ve ever played any of these games, then you’re surely aware of the fact that players do hack the system. And it’s not only to make easy progress but also to bag exciting new add-ons within the game.

Hacking into game servers using cheat codes is not new. If you’ve been against any player that seems to be too pro, chances are you might be playing against a hacker.

With the increasing instances of hacking, developers have taken up a new strategy to tackle this problem- HWID bans.

What is an HWID ban?

Gaming servers register your pc or your gaming console whenever you log in. To identify you, they track the unique hardware ID for your system. Earlier, when a player was found cheating in the game, the systems banned their gaming profile.

However, the times have changed and servers no longer rely on blocking a player’s gaming profile only. The reason being, players can create a new profile and start playing again. Instead, what gaming servers do now is they block your system’s Hardware ID, aka HWID. So, in short, if you’re found cheating in a game, the systems would now be implementing the HWID ban on your system.

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But, cheating still continues…

Despite gaming developers taking strict actions against cheaters, hacking and cheating still continue. So, evidently, there must be some way around this HWID ban. Continue reading to know more.

How do players get around HWID bans?

The real question is how do players still continue to improve their performance using cheating and hacking? Why isn’t the HWID ban still the biggest problem? The answer lies in understanding how HWID works.

As already mentioned, the gaming servers register your hardware’s ID unique to every PC. And every player is linked to a unique HWID. So, whenever the servers detect a cheat code or a break-in, they ban that HWID. So, what pro players do to get past this roadblock is using an HWID spoofer.

An HWID spoofer generates a dynamic hardware ID for your system which is registered with the gaming servers. In other words, as this article HWID Spoofer Undetected Safe 2020 For Various PC Games explains the server registers a cover-up ID. So, even if they ban you, they do not actually ban your original HWID and you can enter into the game once again.

There is no doubt that winning any game without a little cheating is not possible. And even the developers need to understand this. But, banning the HWID is far too much for a player to compensate with their gaming streak. Thankfully, tools like HWID spoofers are proving to be a great asset for avid gamers. So, the next time you plan to enjoy your game and use your favorite cheat codes on stream, make sure you’re protected against HWID bans. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to be buying an all-new system for gaming; they are not cheap at all!

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