Never Think Of These Fake Italian Foods Nearby To Be Real

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Only the people belonging to the specific community will know for sure whether the food served at different places is authentic or not. In the same way, many restaurants are serving Fake Italian Foods Nearby; so knowing them is important.

What To Know About Fake Italian Restaurants?

While searching for Italian restaurants near your location; you have to be careful not to select the ones that are serving fake Italian dishes. If the places are following the below-mentioned customs then the restaurant is fake.

Balsamic Vinegar In All Dishes

Balsamic vinegar is one type that doesn’t go with all ingredients. The ingredients have to be selected carefully so that there is a balance in flavor.

Bread-Sticks Are Fluffy And Huge

The Italian pieces of loaves of bread are not fluffy and huge as they are served at many places. The real Italian breadsticks are thin and crunchy with a snapping sound.

Pasta Means Spaghetti

Pasta in Italy consists of several varieties. The concept of spaghetti as the only form of pasta is not Italian. Real and authentic Italian Foods Nearby will provide a great variety of pasta.

Sauces Are Always Mixed With Pasta

The traditional way of serving pasta is to put the sauce on the top. The sauce is never mixed with portions of pasta as versions in other countries are.

Inserting Words Italian In Recipe Name

The word Italian is never inserted in the name of a recipe unnecessary. The name of the dish will have ingredients names that indicate that the recipes belong to Italy.

Cheese In All Dishes

Cheese indeed is one of the most loved Italian ingredients, but it can’t be put in all dishes. You can search for eating places including Burrata House to see which dishes have cheeses in them.

Fake Italian Foods Near By That Are Not Real

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The dishes that are purely Italian have a different taste, texture, and look. But when a cuisine reaches other countries, it mixes with the local flavors. The locals change the recipes for their convenience.

Spaghetti Served With Meatballs

In Italy, spaghetti and meatballs are served separately. This dish is purely the product of American chefs. A genuine Italian restaurant will serve this dish.

Marinara is Not A Pasta Sauce

One should not confuse Sugo di Pomodoro with Marinara because of the latter one thicker consistency. But the Sugo di Pomodoro is thinner and smooth.

Garlic Bread Is Part Of Menu

Garlic bread is one food that doesn’t belong to any of the Italian regions. The slices of bread in Italy are simple but healthy. The loaves of bread of Italy are cut into halves and then topped with seasonings.

The Famously Known Fettuccine Alfredo

This is one pasta dish that is not famous in Italy. Although, the pasta type used can be a part of other Italian recipes.

Italian Dressing

As discussed before the word Italian has no place in the name of recipes. So the Italian dressing doesn’t originate from Italy. The name was probably given because of the ingredients used in it.

Muffuletta Mistaken For Panini

Most people confuse the Italian sandwich Panini for Muffuletta because the appearance is similar in both.

Sausage In Hotdog Buns

Italian sausages are cooked with a variety of ingredients, but they are never added to hotdog buns. The sausages came from Italy but putting them in hotdog buns is an American thing thus making them a fake dish.

So if you are searching for Italian Foods Nearby then watch for the above points and dishes to make sure that you make the right decision.

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