Overview Of MCAT And If Students Can Get Admission In A Med School Without It

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Studying in the field of medicine and passing out in flying colors is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. There are many factors in this concern that are tough like studying for 4-5 years at least while in most disciplines you can pass out within 2-4 years. But one the toughest aspect here is that when students need to get the admission in a med school. The admission process and the entrance test, known globally as MCAT, can send shiver down your spine.

If you look at the things deeper, it is simply a matter of how serious students are in this concern. The point I want to make here is that the students who want to get into a particular field of education can do so with sheer determination and will. No one can deny the fact that MCAT is one of the toughest tests that students need to give in order to get into a professional institute of higher learning.

Students Can Get Admission In A Med School Without MCAT

In this blog now, I will try to offer you some basic facts about MCAT but my emphasis on why students fear it so much and is there a way to get admission in a Caribbean medical school without MCAT.

Why Students Fear MCAT so Much?

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Short for Medical College Admission Test, MCAT is know across the world as the standard test for students looking to pursue a degree in medicine, surgery or many others in the medical field. Apart from the Caribbean island, it is also taken across the US, Canada, Australia and in some Asian countries too. The fact that many students fear this is because of the fact that it is very much complex in nature and take up to 7.5 hours to complete.

The test comprises of 4 sections mainly of subjects of science like Chemistry, Physics, and Biology with critical analysis, reasoning and social sciences also a part of it. There can be enough doubts in the minds of the students who have never taken this in the past. Just the complexity and length of the test is enough to send shiver down the spines of the students who think of it as an impossible task. There are many things that you need to do here to excel in this and hard work is the basis of it.

Admission in a Med School without MCAT

Students Can Get Admission In A Med School Without MCAT because I am sure when I’ll tell you that there are med schools which offer admission to students without the MCAT, you will be amazed. There are students who must have some idea concerning this and they will know the details inside out here. The reason is that most of these med schools devise an entrance test on their own or check the students’ ability through other means. While this is taken as something really unusual, many students benefit from this.

There are two distinct school of thoughts in this concern. Let me offer you a bit on both of them one by one.

A section of students think that the med schools do this because they want to give students more chance of qualifying as in MCAT many students fail to clear this. This can be a tactic by some med school but on the whole, no prominent med school would do this. This is like ruining the reputation of them by their own hand. There are other mechanisms in place by these med schools so that they can have a good look at students and if they are eligible to study in their med school. The other group of students argue that only MCAT can truly assess a student’s capability for a med school. This is true to some extent as millions of students take these tests each year in several countries and have no doubt in mind. On the other hand, it is also possible that because a mechanism is in place, not many students raise a flag as some students every year have some serious reservations about how MCAT scores are measured. And what subjects in the MCAT can truly measure a student’s capability.

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