Pakistani Dresses – A Recognition of our Nation

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Pakistan blessed with beauty. We have the world’s best places to visit. Especially in northern areas, there are a lot of beautiful places. If you are a nature enthusiast and want to explore the beauty of the world so Pakistan is one of the amazing countries you should visit and it is also known as “Land of Peaks” and Pakistan is a geographically rich country. Traveling in Pakistan is a dream for everyone who likes to explore the beauty of the universe. Pakistani people are very amazing and welcoming in nature and the main thing is that it is a safe country and it promotes tourism.

Karakoram Highway

Karakoram highway which is in Pakistan having a high altitude road that connects Pakistan to China and it is the cheapest country to travel. You can have a tour of Pakistan in a small budget which includes your food, transport and much more.

Traditional Pakistani Dress

A country has its own identity and every nation makes his identity by their traditional dress. Pakistani dresses like shalwar kameez are the identity of the Pakistani nation. It is very useful for all men, women, and kids. A well known Pakistani community. This is worn everywhere in Pakistan and also in some other countries. People of Pakistan prefer to wear these traditional dresses on special occasions due to increasing fashion trends in Pakistan. The traditional dresses developed their own significance and it is more evolving into modern forms.

Women’s Wearing Kurta

Kurta is one of the significant dresses in Pakistan. It is loose in fitting but it looks like a shirt. Kurta is sewed in a way that reaches the long up to the person’s knees. It looks so good whether you will wear a shalwar or wear pants on Kurta. Women in Pakistan wear kurta and it holds a significance among both male and females. Different material of fabric can be used to make kurta and it totally depends on the customer requirements that what fabric and design he/she wants. Men usually on special occasions like to dress shalwar kameez in a waistcoat and it gives such a nice look.

Shalwar gives a relaxed feeling. The shalwar allows you to move freely with comfort. It is easy to wear and carry. It is simple and decent in look. Shalwar helps to keep cool in hot weather. Shalwar kameez is our identity and it is an exciting outfit if someone wants to produce the best shalwar kameez design the all you need to have imagination and you are all good to go.

Pakistani Shalwar Kameez

Another famous outfit that is loved by the people is Achkan which is also known as Baghal bandi. It looks like a long coat. It is usually worn by the grooms in their wedding events. One question should come in your mind that What is the difference between sherwani and achkan? There is a little difference in sherwani and achkan. The main difference lies in their lengths and fabrics. Sherwani is a little bit longer than Achkan but Achkan is a little shorter in length. Both of the garments are good and comfortable to wear. People mostly love to wear Achkan who belongs to the desert areas. Theses outfits are popular in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

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Pakistan is very rich in traditional and cultural values and even after a long time our traditional dress “Shalwar kameez” is our identity of the Nation. Our clothing has gone through the phase of innovations and now today’s Pakistani fashion industry is totally changed. The newly designed and good quality fabrics are producing new ideas. As Pakistan has different provinces.

Province Traditions

Every province has a different taste of fashion but shalwar kameez is famous in all the provinces. Pakistani culture and traditions are not changed till now and it can never change. Especially Balochis have succeeded in maintaining their culture and traditional values. If you know a little history of Balochi people so you will not find any difference in their culture today. They wear long and loose sleeves shirt. They also wear a turban on their head. Balochi women wear needlework Pakistani dresses with a large pocket on the front which is an amazing art.

Balochi Culture Dress

The way Balochi people wear cultural dresses and all these things, Sindhi people not preserved their cultural and traditional values but you will still find a traditional stylish Ajrak and Sindhi Topi in rural areas. Ajrak has a unique print with a particular color and Sindhi topi is known for his needle and mirror work on it.

Punjabi Culture Dress

Punjabi people have emerged in fashion but their old traditional and cultural clothing style remains constant. The Punjabi people used “Lacha” which is the lower part of the dress and having no partition for legs and their women usually use Paranda which is the identity of Punjabi’s. KPK is also the main province of Pakistan. The people of KPK are very simple and they are very true loving people.

As Pakistani dresses have little similarities with Indian dresses but our religious factor is different form Indians and this is the only main big difference.

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