Partner a Private Label Supplement Manufacturer and Own a Supplement Brand

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The demand for dietary and cosmetic nutraceuticals has risen exponentially over the last two decades. Today we have an industry that is currently worth nearly $100 billion just in the United States and is projected to grow by over a third of its current size to around $134 billion by 2025. This growth is driven to a large extent by private label supplement manufacturing companies that believe in a different approach toward marketing their product. 

They allow branding rights to their marketing channel partners while they focus solely on product development and manufacturing. This has opened up the industry to a very large number of small businesses that focus all their energies on promoting their brands and selling their products. 

Launch your own nutraceutical supplement brand 

If you want to launch a nutraceutical supplement brand of your own, you just have to partner a reliable private label supplements manufacturing company that will supply you the products to be branded and sold by you. There are some rules of the process that you must comply with. 

This is not as easy as it sounds because you need to do your research before signing any partnership contract with any of the private label supplement manufacturers. You cannot afford to get involved with any manufacturer that does not operate professionally just when you begin operations. 

The ideal manufacturer to partner with 

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As a new entrant into the nutraceutical supplements market or for that matter, into the promising but challenging world of business, you want to be in good company. The private label supplement manufacturers that you partner with should be reliable and reputable and better still if they have turnkey solutions to offer. 

A private label manufacturing company that not just supplies you the supplement in bulk form but can actually package and label the product for you would be your ideal partner. If you get the ready product at hand you can save many errands like coordinating with the packaging and label printing company that takes away a lot of time. Your new brand needs you to spend the maximum amount of time in marketing and selling the product. 

Your manufacturing partner should be legitimate 

A reliable private label supplement manufacturer should have all the necessary certifications like the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. These are the basic and mandatory certifications that your manufacturing partner should have. 

In addition to that, there are many other licenses and permits that your cosmetic and dietary supplement manufacturer should have. These could be state level or federal requirements and you must know about all these regulations before you sign up with the manufacturer. 

Finally, as a new entrant into a $100 billion market, you need support and market intelligence insights which your white label supplement manufacturer would have in plenty. A good manufacturer, who is serious about increasing market share of their products, would willingly help new marketing partners get a measure of the market. You should try and develop your professional relations with your manufacturing partner to a level where each compliments the other.  The Emerald Corp is an ideal and reliable supplement manufacturing partner not just for new brands but also for established marketing companies.  

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