Pizza Around the World: What’s Cooking in Other Countries

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Did you know that people in the United States eat an average of 3 billion pizzas each year?

Pizza is one of the most consumed foods on the planet because it is so versatile and delicious.

If you are looking for different variations of pizza, it can be helpful to see how other countries make it.

Continue reading to discover the best pizza around the world so that you can broaden your taste buds!


One of the most popular types of pizza around the world comes from Sicily, Italy.

Italy is well-known for its pizza, and Sicily is one of the best places to try it. If you enjoy thick-crust pizza, the Sfincione is an excellent choice. This pizza has a spongy and thick crust that will help keep you full throughout the day.

Some of the most common toppings for Sfincione pizza are onions, bread crumbs, and caciocavallo. Caciocavallo is a crumbly dry cheese that is popular in this region.

United States

When it comes to the United States, thinner crusts and a lot of toppings are common.

One of the most controversial types of pie in the US is a pineapple pizza with ham and onion. This is a tasty alternative to the red sauce with pepperoni. By reviewing Wise Guy’s menu at you can discover the key to the American’s heart.

The most popular type of pizza in the US is pepperoni or cheese. All-purpose flour crust is another frequent ingredient that people love. Whether you want thin crust or thick crust, you can find it at each of the pizza parlors.


If you are looking for unique pizza recipes, you might find inspiration from Poland.

Poland makes its pizza on a crust that resembles a baguette. The long and doughy crust forms a perfect vessel for their pizza, which many people say looks like an open-faced sandwich. The baguette dough gets called Zapiekanka, and it tastes as delicious as it looks.

People in Poland like to top their pizzas with cheese, Polish ketchup, and mushrooms. Other common toppings are feta cheese and olives. Something unique about this style of pizza is that the sauce, Polish ketchup, is included on top of the cheese.

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Turkey & Armenia

If you like flatbread pizza, you will want to try a pie from Turkey or Armenia.

Both of these countries create a similar style of pizza that will satisfy your hunger. The flatbread is flavored with plenty of spices and topped with a thin layer of cheese. Many people in Turkey and Armenia include minced lamb or beef on top.

Other types of toppings that are on a traditional Turkish flatbread include onion, tomato, and parsley. If you want to enhance the flavor, lettuce and lemon can also get added on top. This is a fresh pizza that doesn’t contain too many calories or fat.

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For those that want to try something new and get out of their comfort zone, you should consider getting pizza from Japan.

The Japanese pizza crust is similar to a pancake, and it is called Okonomiyaki. They top the pancake crust with aonori, a type of seaweed, and cabbage. Octopus, anchovies, and kimchi are other common ingredients that can be found on Japanese pizza.

When you look at this style of pizza, it can easily become overwhelming if you aren’t used to a variety of toppings. This is a great option for seafood lovers!

France & Germany

Many people don’t realize it, but France and Germany create similar styles of pizza.

Both countries have a Tarte-style crust that is cooked in flames. The crust is then topped with Fromage blanc cheese or crème fraîche. To enhance the flavor, most pizza restaurants in Germany and France will also include onions and bacon.

This thin crust is delicious and is perfectly proportioned with the number of toppings. Many people enjoy eating this style of pizza because it is light and doesn’t contain too many calories.


Finding unique pizza flavors isn’t difficult when you travel to Thailand.

One of the most common types of pizza that can be found in this country has peanut butter sauce. Thai pizza has a crust that is similar to all-purpose flour crust in the United States.

Thai pizza, however, is topped with a sweet and spicy peanut butter sauce that pairs excellently with the rest of the toppings. Many people in Thailand include chicken, bell peppers, and shredded carrots on top. If you enjoy eating Pad Thai, this is the perfect pizza option for you!

The unique combination of flavors will provide you with a burst of fresh produce and a sweet sauce with a kick.


Another great place that specializes in pizza is Spain.

Spain makes Coca, aka pizza, with a thin crust that is made with all-purpose flour. The crust is flaky and soaked in olive oil to help enhance the flavors. Many people top their coca with anchovies, pine nuts, and citrus rind.

This type of pizza provides a fresh taste that will linger on your tastebuds. With the olive oil acting as a sauce, you won’t get full as quickly and will benefit from the nutrients provided.

Enjoy Pizza Around the World

Pizza is one of the most popular choices of food amongst all age groups.

This guide reviews the tastiest pizza around the world that you can find inspiration from. By looking at the various options, you can find new combinations and discover a healthier way to eat pizza. The toppings and crust can vary from country to country, making the options limitless.

Don’t be afraid to try something new when you go to make pizzas at home. You might discover a new style that you love.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about different types of pizza and cultural influences on food!

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