Popular Administration Jobs in India

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Administration jobs are essential jobs in any organization for smooth functioning of office tasks. The job role of an office administrator is to carry out different functions within the office complex and ensure that all administrative duties are carried out efficiently. However, office administration duties and responsibilities differ as per the position and experience. Administration is an essential element in an office and includes managing everyday activities.

Roles and responsibilities in administration jobs

As already mentioned, the duties vary as per position and company profile. One of the main duties needed to be done is related to front office administration. The most common duties involve the following in administration jobs:

  • Greet visitors in office and provide answers to queries
  • Attend and making calls, resolve information requests and maintaining correspondence
  • Supervise the tasks of clerical staff
  • Maintain records and databases related to employees, expenditure, administration goods, stationery items list and so on
  • Purchase and manage office supplies and equipment
  • Coordinate departmental or office operations
  • Involve in billing and collections efforts
  • Ensure that office supplies are not in short supply  
  • At times an office administrator can also work in the role of a private secretary to the CEO or director by taking down notes and making necessary calls, fix appointments and so on
  • Some companies require candidates in administration jobs like as financial planning, billing, and maintenance of employee and company records.


Most administration jobs require the candidates to be a graduate in any discipline. Some companies hire candidates in their final year of graduation too. The candidates should have strong communication skills, a friendly personality as they have to sit at the front desk. They also need to be proficient in computer skills. Some popular administration jobs are entry-level while some others require experience.

Job opportunities in administration jobs:

There are a good number of administration jobs in government or private organizations. Initial pay may not be very high but with experience and efficiency, you can be in the role of admin head or admin manager, earning a good amount of salary. In large organizations, administration jobs are quite lucrative and are paid well. There is the need for an administrator/s in all organization, big or small or just a start-up.

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Types of administration jobs:

Candidates can apply for administration jobs in various job titles like as follows:

Administrative Assistant: Works in office settings and does various types of administrative support tasks. Common duties include email/letter writing, scheduling meetings, record keeping, filling new data, call handling etc. Candidates should have excellent organizational and communication skills and should be able to work independently.

Receptionist: Seen at the front desk or reception of a company, welcoming guests and clients and attending calls and queries. Should have a friendly attitude, maintain a high level of professionalism and should have good written and verbal communication skills.

Office Assistant: Similar to administrative assistant job and have the same job roles. The titles are often used interchangeably. Office assistants help an office run smoothly by performing the most fundamental tasks.

Data Entry Clerks: They are in the duties of organizing and storing data for the company. Should have excellent computer skills to perform different data entry tasks, including paper documentation works.

Medical Receptionist: Medical receptionists are popular administration jobs, where they work in hospitals, clinical and health care settings and provide all administrative support required in a hospital.

Office managers: These are senior level administration jobs where they have to look into the overall administrative works of a particular department of a company. These are middle management level positions, where office managers have to handle the staff employees.

Executive Assistant: Similar to administrative assistant/office assistant jobs and have the same job roles. But, the only difference is that that executive assistants have to do administrative and office works to high-ranking officials like as directors, executives, and CEOs.

Clerk: Last but not the least, there are administration jobs in the role of a clerk. The candidate has to provide various support in an office environment like as drafting mails, handling calls, running errands, storing data, organization data etc.

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