Post-Workout Routine — 9 Tips To Get Quick Results

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Post-workout routine is very important and it really matters. What you do after your workout will result in weight loss or muscle gain. A good post-workout routine also restores your energy level and keep you motivated for your fitness plan.

In this article, we will discuss what you should do after workout or exercise to restore your energy levels.

Rehydrate Yourself:

During exercise loss of water is very common.  It can dehydrate your body. You should dehydrate your body after exercise especially when the intensity of exercise is high. High-intensity exercise results in too much sweat that can dehydrate your body.

Drinking a good amount of fluids after a workout can prevent muscle soreness, builds muscle strength, and increase muscle flexibility.

Drink 1t least 16 ounces of fluids to rehydrate your body. Fluids may include, water, or other healthy fluids such as coconut water, bone broth, chocolate milk, or green or black tea. I added bone broth it is healthy, nutritious and you can make it instantly using bone broth powder.

You can also use drinks that contain electrolytes to prevent muscle cramping. These energy or sports drinks may include sodium or potassium.

Don’t use sugary, alcoholic, or caffeinated drinks. Instead of rehydration, these drinks may cause dehydration.

Eat a Healthy Snack:

Within 45 minutes of completing your workout, you should eat a healthy meal or snacks to replenish the strength of your muscles. This will also start the recovery process for damaged cells. High protein foods are the best choice for after workout meals as they are rich in amino acids such as Grass fed beef bone broth.

Don’t Skip a Day:

You can take an off every week from your exercise routine but it doesn’t mean to skip exercise completely on that particular day. You can take off but do light exercise on your off days. It may include swimming, walking, or yoga.

Doing this will remove toxins from your body, boost blood circulation, and prevent lactic acid build-up.

Different or light exercise on off days will let you use your muscles in a different way that is good for muscle health.

Cool Down:

Always end your workout gradually. It will slow down your heartbeat gradually to its normal rate. This will also help you prevent dizziness.

Gradually slowing down the heartbeat can prevent muscle soreness and relieve stress. It will also prevent injuries due to heavy exercise.

Here are some tips to build strong and healthy muscles.

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Eat Protein-Rich Foods:

Protein is the most important nutrient in our body. It can strengthen, repair, and rebuild muscles.

Eat foods that are rich in quality proteins. Healthy carbohydrates are also important for muscles.

Milk, eggs, lean meats, whey protein, nuts and seeds, and low-sugar protein bars are some good sources of protein.

Importance of Carbs:

Healthy carbs play a vital role to recover muscles after the workout. Eat a meal that includes both carbs and protein after a workout to get maximum output.

Healthy carbs sources include sweet potatoes, chocolate milk quinoa, and some others.

Various Supplements:

Supplements are also important to gain muscles. But not all supplements are healthy. Choose wisely. You can go for protein shakes.

Creatine, weight gainers, and beta-hydroxy beta-meth butyrate are some supplements that support muscle growth.

Here are some tips to lose weight.

Eat Regular Meals:

Avoid skipping meals because it can result in muscle loss. You should not lose muscles but you should lose fat. Skipping meals can hinder the benefits you are looking for. Boost your metabolism for weight loss and healthy muscles is the best way to boost metabolism.

Eat Weight-loss Friendly Foods:

Not all foods are weight loss friendly. You should go for the foods that are weight loss friendly. Some foods even aid weight loss and boost the process.

low -fat dairy products, whole grains, and hot peppers should be part of your diet for weight loss.


Workout matters but post-workout routine also matters. If you are following a good workout routine but your post-workout routine is not good, you will not get desired results. Follow a good workout routine such as re-hydration after a workout and get amazing results.

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