Questions to Ask Before Registering Your Child for Summer Camp

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Summer camps offer a lot of benefits to your child’s development. In Dubai, parents are available with many options as there is traditional summer camp, overnight summer camp, and a summer day camp among many others. Here, children learn about themselves, how to be independent, and many other important life skills.

A traditional summer camp helps in increasing your child’s self-esteem, learning self-respect and also how to help others and respect them. They get to live away from their parents and be on their own. 

During these camps, children live in groups that will have other kids of different religious beliefs and cultural differences. They learn to be with each other accepting them and their differences. Summer camps for children offer benefits that let your child grow and mature in multiple ways. It is both a fun as well as an educational experience.

Now, when you go through a brochure of a summer camp, you would surely have some questions that you would want to have the answer to regarding the camp philosophy. You might want to talk to the camp director and know about how it is run and what it will involve. Different kinds of summer camps operate during summers for different age groups and have different themes.

Choosing a summer camp for children should not be a daunting experience. It all boils down to asking the right questions and you can find a camp that is a good fit for your child. As said above, there are different kinds of summer camps, asking these questions will make it a lot easier to decide and make your pick:

How qualified are the people you have hired as the staff?

When it comes to summer camps, there are certain state and industry requirements that you should follow. For example, these include that running sex offenders and criminal background checks. Also, some of the staff members should have CPR and first aid training as well. However, it is necessary to meet with the camp director or the senior staff member before you choose a summer camp for children. It is a good idea to review the camp’s website so you can know more.

Most of the summer camps today give detailed pre-camp and in-camp training to all its staff members. Also, the interview process before getting hired is extensive as well and usually requires providing professional references.

Is it possible for a parent to meet the staff or see the facility before the summer camp officially begins?

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Many camps hold open houses or host camp tours so that parents and guardians can tour the summer camp during the off-season. This way, the parents can get to meet the staff and see the facilities and get satisfied. It is wise to visit a camp in person before you register your child for summer camps.

Does the summer camp provide lunch and snacks during the day?

This varies from one camp to another. You can know about this from the website and learn about the type of food services they offer. This is necessary for parents to know particularly if their kids have any allergies or dietary restrictions. Many camps offer sample menus that parents can review.

Many summer camps offer proper meals all day long. In the case of one-day camps, the campers are allowed lunch from home packed in a non-disposable container.

Is the enrollment procedure flexible? Can children get registered for part of the summer only?

The process of summer camp enrollment varies according to camp. So, you can ask the staff if they have half session or a la carte options. Young kids cannot spend full weeks at summer camps. Also, families tend to have particular periods when their child can attend summer day camp. Summer camps for children are available in different durations like two weeks straight, eight weeks, or a combination in between.

For young kids, how do children get to and from camp each day?

When deciding on summer camp for your child, transportation can be a deal-breaker. Some camps require that you use their transport while some require parents to pick and drop their child every day. So, see that you clarify with the camp and then plan accordingly. Many summer camps offer different bus options from different locations. So, you can check the specific camp location you would like to make use of.

Getting answers to these questions will help you find the best summer camp for your child.

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