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The QuickBooks work area is the same in such manner, and today we’ll ascertain pay QuickBooks payrolls that don’t tally charges, which has pestered a ton of clients to date. The QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities Not Showing account in your general ledger is a holding place for payments due in the near future but not yet issued. If the liability for workers’ compensation never shows up on the payroll liability window, then it’s possible that you didn’t set up a scheduled payment for this liability. Yet, before that, it is essential to comprehend where QB inaccurately computes finance charges.

How to Reconcile Payroll Liabilities in QuickBooks

We’ve seen cases where payroll liabilities are missing from the Pay Scheduled Liabilities block on the Payroll tab of Employee Center but the company has actual payroll tax liabilities. The screenshot below shows where all payroll tax liabilities should appear, but sometimes liabilities are missing.

If you have QuickBooks payroll for Desktop, tracking and paying payroll liabilities can be a quick way to be reminded when your payroll deposits are due and how much is owed.

How to Pay Payroll Liabilities in QuickBooks

Most common pay items and tax types are set up automatically during the initial payroll setup. Annual limits such as the Social Security tax wage limit update automatically at the start of each year. For those items that are not updated automatically (such as state unemployment tax rates), adding or modifying them is very simple.

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How to Set up Payroll Liabilities in QuickBooks

For an example, here is how to update the Minnesota and Wisconsin unemployment tax rate:

Click on Lists, then Payroll Item List

Find the liability in the list: MN – Unemployment Company or WI – Unemployment Company

Right-click on it, then click Edit Payroll Item from the pop-up menu; click Next

Verify that the liability and expense accounts for the payroll item are correct and click Next

Add each quarter employment tax rate for the current year (for Minnesota and Wisconsin, all four quarters are the same)

The rest of the setup should be fine, so click Next until you reach the end; then click Finish.

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How to Fix Payroll Liability and Balance Sheet Report

The primary incorrectness typically happens during rate (%) based assessment figuring in the accompanying expense things:

FUTA (Federal Unemployment)


SUI (State Unemployment Insurance)

SDI (State Disability Insurance)

Standardized savings

QuickBooks Payroll Not Calculating Taxes – Possible Causes

The most reasonable justification for getting off base assessment esteems is that the underlying information inferred was error. This information is gotten from the worker data which you or the client enters in QB Live Chat Support.

In this way, ensure all the information which you are setting up in regards to your workers or finance things are checked and state-of-the-art. You can do this by running ordinary finance answers preceding recording charges.

Once you have your payment frequency set up, QuickBooks will start tracking your tax liability and the liability window will show you the date to send the payment. When you are ready to schedule your payments, on the same screen mentioned above, click Federal 941/ 944/ 943, then E-pay. Change the payment date and to the due date (bottom left of check window) and click E-pay.

Note: The first time you E-pay federal liabilities, you will have to enter and confirm your EFTPS PIN and password and enter your contact information.


We recommend regularly reviewing the Payroll Liability Balances report as well as the general ledger accounts accumulating payroll tax liabilities to be sure all liabilities are currently recognized and paid.

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