Reasons Every Person Should Carry A Pocket Knife

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Pocket knife has been a much-needed tool since the birth of mankind. In certain places, carrying a pocket knife can get you into some serious type of trouble. Confiscation, fines, or even sometimes jail are all consequences of breaking the law. Many of these laws are written in twisted ways which keep us confused and vulnerable. Farmers used these pocket knives primarily to make their living from the land. Used as an everyday tool as opposed to self-defense, the pocket knife has remained unchanged for centuries. So, we are going to discuss certain reasons that you should keep a pocket knife in your EDC.

In this modern era, you get packages sent to your doorstep. You can use a pocket knife to slice them open with ease. Fun tip: To prevent residue from mucking up your blade, consider cutting the cardboard instead of the packing tape.

You are out on hunting, some pocket knives come with a very razor sharp edge. So you can use a pocket knife as a hunting knife.

When you go on CAMPING! Camping calls for untold/unpredictable stipulations and you definitely need a pocket knife to prevail over.

Sometimes, the only way to get rid of most types of zip ties is by cutting them. You can easily free the zip ties that are holding together with the help of a pocket knife.

If you don’t have a dedicated staple remover in your pocket, you can use a pocket knife to open a staple on an important document quickly and easily, so it doesn’t get mess up.

If you are on some sort of party but have no bottle opener? Just take out your pocket knife. In a Swiss Army knife, there is a dedicated bottle opener for you. If you don’t have, no problem, a blade can easily be used to pop the top off a beer bottle.

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When you’re lost in a wild, fire is a key element. It’s really difficult to make a fire without kindling and for kindling, you definitely need a good knife.

The pocket knife is also a critical part of the FIRST-AID KIT! It helps you design the bandage.

If you don’t have a dedicated wire cutter, you can use your pocket knife easily in most of the conditions.

After catching a fish, it’s time to clean it up a bit. Dressing it with a pocket knife is quick and easy.

When you are just a HOUSEWIFE! Kitchen needs you every time and you need a pocket knife to help you out with box opening, package opening and a lot more. 

Pruning helps to improve the health of plants. When you’re gardening in the yard, a pocket knife can also be used for pruning.

If you are out at home and can’t find a pencil sharpener, you can sharpen your pencil by a pocket knife easily.

You can use a pocket knife for self-defense purpose. A street attack cannot be predicted and a pocket knife can turn out to be one and only help.

You can also use a pocket knife to hone other knives. You can use it in a similar way as a honing steel.

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