Reasons not to miss Macedonia, Walk through history

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With its rich cultural heritage and pristine natural beauty, the Republic of Macedonia, a former Yugoslav state in the middle of the Balkans, deserves to be on the travel list. Now, let’s discover five reasons not to miss Macedonia!

Alexander the Great monument sculpture in Macedonia Square
Alexander the Great monument sculpture in Macedonia Square

1.Ohrid – the old capital of the first Bulgarian Empire

Ohrid - the old capital of the first Bulgarian Empire

Ohrid is an important tourist city in the Republic of Macedonia, across the lake from the Republic of Albania (Lake Ohrid). Ohrid is a city rich in historical memory, and there is still a well-preserved Roman theater in the city.

During the Middle Ages, the city became a religious and cultural sanctuary for the Orthodox Church due to the presence of St. Cyril’s disciples, and a large number of churches and monasteries were built during this period. To this day, these ancient buildings are still the spiritual homes of believers.

2.Skopje – the capital of Macedonia

Skopje - the capital of Macedonia

The economic capital and administrative center of the Republic, in the 1963 earthquake, 80% of the city was razed to the ground, shaking the international community. In the early 21st century, thanks to the huge urban development plan “Skopje 2014”, a batch of new museum construction plans and the reconstruction of iconic buildings were put on the agenda. These restored memorial statue of classical art make the city more like a capital.

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3.Peristre National Park

This hideaway in southwestern Macedonia is home to many of the region’s wildlife, such as the Macedonian pine, which is endemic to the region. This small town in the southern part of the republic is famous for its Islamic architecture left over from the Ottoman Empire.

In this nature reserve with an area of nearly 120 square kilometers, there are also a large number of rare animals, such as brown bears and Eurasian lynx, the latter is called Macedonia’s national treasure.

4. The ancient city of Stoby

The ancient city of Stoby

During the reign of the Roman Empire, Stoby experienced its greatest glory due to its important trading and defensive position. Following the conversion of the Romans to Christianity, Stoby became one of the most important parishes in the region, as evidenced by the numerous bas-reliefs unearthed at church ruins.
In the years that followed, Stoby was frequently invaded by the Goths. In the 6th century, due to the destruction of an earthquake, the ancient city was finally submerged in the long river of history.

5.St. Joachim Monastery in Osogowo

St. Joachim Monastery in Osogowo

This Orthodox monastery, built in the 7th century, is located on the Osogowo Plateau, the most northeastern part of Macedonia, at an altitude of 825 meters, adjacent to the Republic of Bulgaria. During the Ottoman invasion, the monastery was once converted into a mosque. The monastery takes its name from St. Joachim, one of the great four Bulgarian monks, who preached in the region in the 11th century.
The Convent of Sao Joachim consists of two churches, the largest with 12 domes, representing the 12 disciples of Jesus. Inside the monastery, the rich medieval frescoes cover the stone walls and are well worth seeing

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