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Bring the sun into Life with your lego creations. High-quality lego lighting package and a full variety of DIY accessories and the led light effects are eligible for light my bricks light kits.

Where is the Light? How is the Light?

Light My Bricks create LEGO Light Kits and personalized LED light sets made to suit your favorite LEGO designs.

Our good quality LED lights and wires are tiny enough for fitting between and under the bricks. We are low enough. It means that you can cover your cables and do not affect the lighting appearance of your models.

Light My Bricks covered if you’re a DIY enthusiast who builds your MOCs or wants to attach pure illumination to your construction device in bricks!

  • Try out our lighting collection today, which is simple to mount!

What is the situation?

It was never easier to illuminate LEGO. Light My Bricks has LEGO lighting packages with the broadest selection.

It makes it quick to light up any of your favorite collections. You may also search our design development feature on DIY.

 Connection start

You can start adding our LEGO Light Kits to your platform after you’ve finished constructing your LEGO package.

  • Setup is simple with our step-by-step online guidance. Any expertise needed in electronics!

Up the switch switch

Only switch on and marvel as the set is burned with lights from Light My Bricks once you have finished installing your light-up kit on your model!

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  • You can attach several sets and control them at once!

Custom of Lego lighting

The brick framework isn’t only a kit, but a fascination for adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs).

We understand this love here at Light My Bricks and have built a unique LEGO lighting system that will help your collection come alive!

Lights convert your creations

Adding LED lights to your bricks gives your set an entirely new degree of authenticity and strength. Our lights convert your creations absolutely and make you find something you want to be proud of, with a selection of colors and effects you can select from it.

Light My Bricks’ vast range of illumination packages and Led decorations will help make the LEGO Light Kits come alive, whether it’s a traffic light, blinking neon signs, revolving siren, or the engine’s glow of the engine of a starship!

  • All styles for lego fans bright

Light kits largest range

The biggest LEGO lighting package collection on the market is Light My Bricks. Our collection is continually increasing, and new collections for both new and old products are being created.

Check out our collection of personalized LED lighting kits for your favorite environments, including Modern Houses, Creator Show, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and much more!

Custom creation tech rang

  • Are you the sort you want to design your models? So in luck, you are!

We are actively designing new lighting technology here at LEGO Light Kits My Bricks to highlight your designs better. You can quickly find something to put out the best of your MOC (My Creation) with our broad collection of LED lights and lighting effects!

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