Remodeling Your Home: 5 Changes That Really Add Value

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Handling the work for your home remodeling projects is an excellent way to save money, yet only 37% of homeowners use do-it-yourself projects. The others hire contractors.

Regardless of how you handle the renovations, you might be ready to make some changes to your house. After all, remodeling your home increases its value and function.

What are the best projects to do that increase a home’s value? As you prepare to begin remodeling your home, you might want to consider the following five changes that might significantly add value to your house.

1. Update the Bathrooms

When people shop for homes, they look for certain things. One of these things is updated bathrooms. Therefore, if you remodel your bathrooms, your home value should increase.

You can update a bathroom in several ways to add value to your home. First, you might want to replace or refinish your bathtub, including the surround around it.

Secondly, you might want to replace the floor and update the paint colors. 

2. Remodel the Master Bedroom

The next project you might want to consider is remodeling master bedroom. Your master bedroom’s condition also affects your home value.

When renovating it, you might want to replace the flooring and lights. You may also want to consider adding a small fireplace or wall paneling. 

A gorgeous master bedroom is attractive to buyers, so updating yours will add value to your home. 

3. Add Wall Finishes

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Another great home remodeling project you might consider is adding wall finishes. You can add a wall finish to any wall in any room, and you can choose from many types. 

For example, you can purchase wood plank to install on walls as a focal point. Many homeowners also use shiplap, tile, and other wood products. 

A wall finish is like home decor, in a sense. It creates a focal point and beauty to any room. 

4. Renovate the Kitchen

One of the top projects you can complete in your home to add value is a kitchen remodel. Again, buyers look for updated kitchens when shopping for homes and will pay more for them.

As a result, renovating your kitchen will increase your home’s value, even if you only make minor changes. For example, replacing the countertop can improve the looks. Another example is refinishing the cabinets. 

5. Install Smart Features

Finally, you can install smart features as home improvements. Homeowners today love smart features, including smart thermostats and video doorbells.

Adding smart features improves your home’s security and increases its value. You can evaluate all the various options to choose from before deciding which ones to add. 

Consider These Options When Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home offers the chance to make some changes that improve your home’s functions, looks, and value. Are you ready to start? If so, you can decide which project to do first.

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