Renovating Floors: Everything You Need to Know to Stay on Trend

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Think about your dream home you could live in right now? What does it look like, what is the view, what kind of furniture fills the room? With home renovation, you can take that dream home from your mind to reality.

But when you imagine that dream home, did you imagine what kind of floors are throughout? Renovating floors might be an afterthought, but flooring should be a main component of your design decisions.

Flooring gives you a unique opportunity to try design trends and create the truly beautiful you’ll love to live in. Here is what you should know about the current floor trends.

Go for Unique Shapes

Home renovations are an opportunity to step outside the box. And one of the best ways to do that is by utilizing unique shapes in your flooring. This is one of the flooring trends that can match decor styles from traditional to modern.

Often, this trend is accomplished with modern floor tiles. Geometric shapes are popular now, particularly hexagons. But round penny tiles and diamond shapes are also popular throughout homes.

You can also use smaller tiles to create patterns like arches and scalloping. With unique shaped tiles, you can also have some fun with the grout color. So feel free to deviate from the typical black or white for blues, greens, and reds.

Engineered Hardwood

Homes should be functional as they are stylish. And when your home is full of kids and pets and visitors, then floors that can stand up to all that traffic are a must. That’s where engineered hardwood comes on the scene.

Engineered hardwood is one of the best types of flooring for a busy home because it’s nearly indestructible. The top layer is hardwood with plywood underneath, which provides durability.

These floors have a wide range of colors and finish to fit any home’s style. Plus, with quality materials, engineered hardwood is safe from all of the moisture in kitchens and bathrooms.

Try Terracotta Tiles

Though it may be a current popular trend, terracotta tiles are a great addition to any home. This style is well-loved because of the variety of styles that can fit into classic homes and more colorful designs.

From modern farmhouses to bold eclectic, there is a terracotta tile design that will be to perfect accent to your home. There are variations in color, pattern, and size, so you can count on finding one you love.

As one of the least expensive tiling options, you can easily tile all your floors without breaking the bank or busting your renovation budget.

They are durable and easy to clean, making them great for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. But they’re stylish enough to work throughout your home, like in the living room and bedroom as well.

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Consider Concrete

For decades, concrete floors have been banished to the basements and garages of our homes. Seen as industrial, cold, and not homey, concrete inside the home hasn’t been popular until recently.

It’s only been in the last few years that concrete floors have made their way back from commercial spaces back into our homes. Many interior designers have made concrete floors look incredibly chic.

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Though it’s popular in the industrial look, concrete floors also add a stylish element to a variety of modern and contemporary styles. 

You can also style concrete floors to better match your interior. You can polish them for a little extra shine. Or try a coating to give the concrete some texture and color.

Must-Have Stain Color

Put your twist on a classic by changing up your stain colors on your wood floors. The days of boring brown are behind us now that a variety of stains are available to match any decor.

Mid-tone woods are popular home flooring trends because they easily match any color scheme. These tones aren’t as light as previous year’s trends and not as dark as some antiquated designs.

These mid-tone colors include a range of brown shades that are versatile and stylish. Timeless and traditional pair well neutral tones seen in rustic and farmhouse styles.

But mid-tone stains can also provide a great backdrop to bolder and more colorful rooms.

Put Your Floorboards in a Pattern

If you’re looking for a way to add some interest to your typical floorboards, then adding a pattern should be your new go-to. A pattern will add some visual interest to any room.

Try a chevron or herringbone to create a diagonal shape on the floor. Or, for a more classic and traditional style, try a parquet pattern. Try running floorboards vertical rather than horizontal across the floor. 

You can even use the flooring to highlight any architectural features. These unique styles often won’t raise the flooring installation cost per square foot, at least not by too much.

Unique floorboard patterns are an easy way to add personality without using exotic materials. 

Add Some Texture

Who says your floors have to be completely smooth? A little bit of texture can be more interesting in a design. It can also lead to authenticity, creating an aged or live-on look.

Common textures for hardwood floors include hand-scraped, wire-brushed, and distressed. These textures typically come manufactured when you buy the board. They’ll feel as great underfoot as they look to the eye.

These textures often work well in industrial and rustic homes. However, a subtle texture could work in any other style as well.

Renovating Floors Can Transform Your Home

You may be taking your floors for granted. Of course, they’re all through your home, but they’re not just for walking and placing furniture. Renovating floors present an opportunity for unique design details.

Find the perfect sofa and all the accessories that make a house feel like home. But don’t forget about the floors they sit on. They can complement the other pieces throughout your space.

Are you ready for a home transformation? Check out more home articles on the blog today!

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