Savour the Time in Kitchener, Waterloo – It Just Beginning of the Winter!

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An authentic travel experience counts the most, or so I have heard from everyone else. But how to make sure what you experience counts?

You can’t! Every experience is different from the other. It just so may happen that you enjoyed more on the lakeside instead of doing skating, it’s all about preferences. Setting your priority straight in travelling can help you to explore your journeys.

Where in Ontario…

Surprisingly many towns in Ontario and around GTA have exceptional landmarks, activity spots and more. It’s hard to decide which place to choose. So keeping our eyes closed, and putting the finger on the road map let’s see which location gets pinned, shall we?

And it’s…..Kitchener, Waterloo!

First things first, there is plenty to do in the Waterloo region. With its perfect balance of old and modern, rural and urban, it’s a perfect merge of classical and contemporary style. You can easily get to explore the town on limo service Kitchener Waterloo for an easy ride and well let’s get the holiday venture started.

How to spend winter holidays in Kitchener, Waterloo?

This time of the year, when everything else is cold, even your socks (which is irritating), you miss the summer fun but hey! don’t be so upset, winter calls for best parades and shows in Kitchener! Let’s take a look at how to get your winter fun started;

The gifts of light 

Kitchener is home to some of the biggest surprises one can experience. If you get to visit this town in winter, you will be amazed by the light displays, skiing penguins and well more of everything that makes the holiday more exciting.

It’s dramatic when you become the attendee of this holiday experience. Ever imagined what it would feel like to drive through a 200-foot tunnel all lit up on limo service Kitchener? Yeah, awe-inspiring what it is.

It’s better if you plan this adventure of lights with your family it doesn’t matter if the night is cold, time is exceptional.  While you marvelling at the lights displays you can get to enjoy a pizza treat at Boston Pizza Kingpin Bowlounge. So if you are planning for it then remember it’s from 16 November to 4 January.

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Christkindl Market

Taken its roots from the German Christmas festival, Kitchener’s City Hall deliberately celebrates the Christkindl Market, visited by several visitors each year at this precious occasion.  You can enjoy the four-day festivities with an authentic glimpse into traditional European Christmas. The outdoor and indoor decorations are simply stunning and every wall caters the Christmas holiday decorations with more than 100 vendors with their delicious recipes and items to purchase.

Musical entertainment is not forgotten at all. Performers come directly from Germany and well, you will come to remember this time of the year.

Why not visit it first hand and savour the taste of the delicious German pies and pastries. For the outdoor specialty, an ice rink is placed! Skaters this one is for you!

Santa Claus Parade

What are you wishing for this Christmas? A huge bag of Cheetos!

Well, even before Christmas can arrive, celebrations are always due right? Taking a ride on limo service Kitchener Waterloo, you can enjoy the waterloo region Santa Claus parade throughout November and December.

And obviously, don’t forget to bring your letter to Santa! Kids will love this. Stop rolling your eyes now! At some point you in your nappies did the same thing too, so let’s have fun again but by being responsible citizens. The parades are just another way of collecting donations, clothes and food for local food banks.

Maybe this time you can be the Santa for the little ones?

With a huge statue of the Santa coming through you can capture the perfect picture by getting here on time. The parade is on in all towns, so by riding on Waterloo limo, you can get to visit all nearby towns and don’t miss a single second of it.

It’s time to ring the bells

Nothing’s more imperative than the holidays. But if locked with travelling around even for a limited time can bring more happiness than you can ever expect.  To appreciate the beauty of snow you have to step outside of your door!Nothing lasts forever even this snowy façade. So jump and hop your way to the best time winters you can have in Kitchener.  Say hello to Winter!

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