How to fix a security application not working issue on Windows 10?

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Using a good security program on the system has become a necessity. When you use the PC for various crucial jobs, you should keep the system secure. Security applications provide numerous features to prevent threats. If the security program is not working, you should repair it before the system faces any issues. 

Reasons behind security application error

  1. You have installed an incompatible security program
  2. Antivirus is outdated
  3. The program’s registry files are not working
  4. You have another security program on the system
  5. Junk files are corrupting your software
  6. Your recent changes have restricted the antivirus
  7. Windows 10 system files are not working

Troubleshooting antivirus not working on Windows 10 error

Restart your Windows 10

When the antivirus stops working, restart the system. Programs on the device can show errors when it can’t get the required resources. If you are running lots of programs, the resources will be occupied. Your antivirus can’t get these resources and face the error. When the user restarts his system, all the resources get free. Now open the antivirus and run it on the system reliably. 

Install only compatible security application

Today, numerous antivirus setups are available. But not all the programs are compatible with your Windows 10. When the antivirus is not working, check for its compatibility. Go to your device and then check its specification.

When the program is not compatible with your Windows 10 then it won’t work. Go to your application and remove it. Now search for a compatible security program for the computer and then install it. 

Repair the registry files of the program

If the registry files are not working then Malwarebytes will not open Windows 10. You have to check these files and then repair them. Open the Windows 10 device and go to the run bar. Type cmd for opening the command screen. Now you have to type Regedit for opening the registry editor.

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Go to the registry editor and then choose all the registry files of your program. Check for the corrupted files and then create their backup. Now go to the files and repair them correctly. After repairing those files, open your antivirus and try to run it. Users should repair those files only when they know the steps.

Otherwise, the program may start showing other errors. When you can’t repair those registry files then you should get help from professionals.

Undo your recent changes on the Windows 10 settings

Few users reported that they start getting errors when they make changes on Windows 10 settings. Due to the changes, the antivirus program has been restricted. You have to undo the changes to reuse your program. Open the same settings page and undo all the changes one by one. When you revert all the changes, the user can run the program now.

In case you have forgotten the changes on the system, try using the restoring tool. Windows has a restore tool that reverts the device changes. Go to the device and then you have to run the Restoring tool.

The user has to enter the point and then all your changes will be reverted. When the user runs this tool, the changes will get undone and then the user can easily use this program. 

Remove another antivirus from Windows 10

Your security application will show errors when you are using another antivirus. Using both programs simultaneously will start conflicting and the user may face many errors. Open the Programs folder on the system and then check for installing security applications.

Keep only one antivirus and remove all other security programs. Once the programs stop conflicting, your antivirus will run on the system reliably.

Remove all the system junk

Many times the program shows errors while scanning the junk files. These files create issues as these files are not available on virus charts but seem suspicious. Junk files can also interrupt the Windows scanning process. If your antivirus is showing an error, inspect the system for its junk files.

Go to the device and then check for all the accumulated junk. Remove all the junk and then restart your computer. Users can run cleanmgr for removing all the junk directly. After cleaning the computer, try to run the antivirus. If the security application is still not opening then reinstall its setup on the device and use it easily. 

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