How Teachers Can Use Social Media Effectively in the Classroom

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Most of the students these days are captivated by the world of social media. Be it during mornings or as soon as they come home from school, the first thing they do is to log in to their social media accounts. While their incessant obsession with social media can be a cause of worry for those around them, if needed, social media sites can also be used to their advantage by the teachers. With the right use of social media, students have access to knowledge from numerous sources and it can also encourage them for participating more in various activities.

So, let us know more about the ways in which teachers can use social media for learning in the classroom!

  • Blogging is good

Blogging is great when done in the right manner. Through blogging, students can learn a lot as well as improve their writing skills. So, what the teacher can do is to ask the students in the class to start their own blog on any topic that they are interested in. They can share those write-ups on a number of social media sites where they will get maximum reach and can connect to more people with same interests. The teacher can also give them various tips related to blogging which would help them to create more crisp and readable posts. Once a month, he/she should make it a point to discuss some of those blog articles in the classroom and can also encourage the students to read and comment on each other’s posts. This is a fun way to make the students learn something new as well as to help them to form a strong bond with each other.  

  • Create a Facebook Group

While people may think Facebook is the reason why students don’t pay enough attention to studies these days and most of the times, they are absolutely justified to think so, however, it can still also be used to make the kids more interested in certain classroom topics as well. Like they say, there is a good and bad side to everything and it all depends on what you choose. For instance, the teacher can start a Facebook group with all the students in the class and can make them active participators in that group. But, before doing that, he/she has to make sure that all the parents are fine with this arrangement and also has to know if all the students in the class have access to Facebook or not. It has to be either with every student included or no one at all. Once everyone is in that group, he/she can take the classroom discussions further and can add on to certain topics. Every student would be allowed to participate in the discussion and thus, even the most shy ones in the class would get a chance to open up. This would make studies look more like ‘play’ to them and they would also be learning new things consistently.

  • Twitter is fun and a great learning tool

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Twitter is one of the most fun social media platforms out there. Everyone is on twitter these days, including the celebrities. With Twitter, the teacher can ask the students to follow certain important pages and personalities such as Narendra Modi or say, Virat Kohli. Following these people as well as certain other pages would help them a great deal when it comes to general knowledge and awareness. They would be able to keep themselves updated with everything happening in the world today, without any extra effort. Also, the teacher can encourage the students to have their own twitter account, just for their school and can teach them how to ‘tweet’ something important as well as make them use hashtags in the right manner.

  • Have your own YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of those social media platforms where everyone has their own voice and can express themselves just the way they would want to. The teacher can ask the students to start a YouTube Channel for their class, where they can take turns to post informative videos. For instance, if a particular student is good at say, literature, he or she can post videos explaining certain poems that he/she likes. In this way, every student can post videos as per their choice, which would both be beneficial to him/her as well as to the other students. This would bring out their creativity to the front, as making videos does require a lot of research and creativity, and it will make them more confident about themselves as well.

  • Pinning can make projects easier

Pinterest is an amazing social media site for collecting information from various sources and pinning them on a board. The teacher can ask the students to create separate boards for separate topics and then can ask them to follow each other on Pinterest. Also, with Pinterest, making projects become much easier as what the students can do is to present their Pinterest boards with the collected information as their projects in the classroom.


Social media can be just as good as bad for the young minds of the world. It is up to the teachers as well as the parents to guide the kids to use the social media platforms in the best way possible. We hope that the aforementioned points will help the teachers in using social media effectively as an educational tool in the classroom.

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