Is SPC Flooring Durable?

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Though being a very popular choice, most of the population around the globe are opting to go for Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) instead of thinking about SPC Flooring. Although both have their share of benefits and advantages, people are realizing that they are spending a lot more time maintaining and repairing their tiles. Which results in having to replace them now and then. Replacing your tiles is also not very cost-effective. It can be quite costly to do so.

Types Of Flooring | Vinyl Flooring | PVC Flooring 

Two types of flooring are typically comprised of PVC i.e. Rigid core and Low-bulk core. This article would mainly focus on the benefits and drawbacks associated with both of them. However, this information would become even more valuable to you if you were to decide between these two types of floors.

Let us begin by looking at the benefits associated with the Flexigrip SPC Flooring, which is the most commonly sold version of SPC Flooring in the market. In case you are not aware of what Flexigrip is all about, it is a plastic composite material that is highly flexible yet extremely strong. As the name suggests, it is made up of plastic composites, which makes it a very durable but thick core flooring material. So when it comes to the question of whether it is worth going in for Flexigrip or other similar types of vinyl flooring, the answer would be yes. Its thick core enables it to bear the impact of heavy objects. If you consider the thousands of dollars worth of damage that is estimated to be caused by patio furniture and other such items every year, it certainly helps to know that these WPCs floors are not prone to get damaged due to such factors.

Benefits of SPC Flooring 

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The next benefit associated with SPC Flooring is that it can resist any sort of scratching. This is perhaps one of the best benefits that you would get from using this kind of flooring in your home or office. Also, it has a much better insulating property than many other kinds of flooring. Insulation is necessary because it reduces the warmth of the interior. Also, due to its superior insulating properties, it ensures that the temperature inside your house or office remains constant, whereas most other kinds of flooring would allow for changes in the temperature.

Another major benefit of SPC Flooring is that it is a wood-plastic composite plank that is also very fire resistant. This means that the SPC Flooring, once installed, will ensure that it does not decay in case of any fire. However, if you have a home that is prone to fires, you would do well to invest in another kind of flooring such as luxury vinyl flooring. Although once installed, wood plastic composite planks of SPC will not burn, if you allow them to be slightly moistened for a long time, they could end up catching fire. As far as protecting your home from fire is concerned, this is another good point about SPC Flooring.

If you are concerned about floor moisture, you would do well to remember that this kind of flooring has two different core types. The first is the core type that is made up of a series of wood fibers that have been woven together and formed into a fine, uniform core. The second core of luxury vinyl flooring consists of a series of high-density polyethylene planks that have been woven together using high heat and pressure. To ensure maximum moisture resistance, both of these core types should be installed at the same time.

Last but not least, another great thing about SPC Flooring is that it is quite durable. This kind of flooring can last for decades and even centuries provided it is properly maintained. As far as maintaining this kind of flooring is concerned, you can turn it into a low maintenance, durable and resilient floor by simply sweeping it with a broom or using a damp mop. You should also keep in mind that cleaning the planks will require you to do this once a year.


If you want your SPC Flooring to be even more durable, you can put it on top of a concrete subfloor.  provides SPC and All Kinds of Vinyl Flooring. Since it is completely covered, you can expect this kind of flooring to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and a lot of wear and tear. You can even have this kind of flooring installed on top of your concrete floor for just pennies on the dollar. It will also provide your home with an instant touch of elegance and style.

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