Steps to block the security program temporarily

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Security programs like antivirus protect the device from various threats. When the user accesses the web on his system then using antivirus is crucial. It can prevent cybercriminals and other online threats from entering the system. But many times, users can get issues while working due to the security program. Whenever the antivirus is interrupting your job, disable it. You can disable it temporarily and then complete his job.

How to disable Bitdefender temporarily?

  1. Click on the antivirus 
  2. Your security program’s dashboard will appear on the screen
  3. Hit on the Protection window
  4. Go to the Settings option
  5. Choose the Shield tab and toggle its switch to Off

Now the user has to select the time whether he wants to disable the program temporarily or forever. For disabling temporarily, click on Until System Restarts. When you use this option, your antivirus will get disabled until you restart the system. Perform your job and then reopen your system. If you want to disable the antivirus for a long time then select the Enable Manually option. Your antivirus will get disabled until you enable the program manually. 

How to disable the firewall temporarily?

A firewall is very crucial for protecting the device from incoming traffic. When you use the firewall, it inspects the incoming data packets. If any packet is suspicious then the firewall blocks it. A firewall is a good security program but it can be bothersome while the user is watching a live stream or playing online games. Whenever the suspicious data packet appears, it blocks the network and the user can’t watch or play reliably. For playing online games without any disturbance, users often prefer disabling the firewall. 

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  1. Open the security program on the system
  2. Tap on Protection and click on Settings
  3. Go to Web Protection and select Firewall
  4. Toggle the Firewall switch to Off

Choose the Until System Restarts option and your firewall will get disabled on the device. Now the user can play his online game without any interruption. But disabling the firewall can be dangerous as hackers can easily enter the system. Many cyber criminals use online games as a medium to hack devices. They send requests on the game, when the user accepts the request they send spyware and other malicious programs which can steal the crucial data from the system. Never play unreliable games on the web. Users should play online games with known people if the firewall is disabled. After gaming, restart the system to enable your firewall and then run a full system scan. If any malware has entered the system, scanning will remove it immediately.

Disabling web protection feature on the system

Many security programs offer web protection features like secure browsing. When you enable this feature, it inspects all the results. While browning, the user searches for something, he gets lots of result pages. The web protection tool, checks, and filters the result pages on the screen. Users can see the secure pages to access. Always use the safe pages and the pages which are marked as suspicious can harm the data and privacy. But sometimes, the user has to access the page which is marked as suspicious. If the user clicks on that page, the secure browsing tool blocks it. The tool doesn’t allow the user to access the page. If you need to access that page then disable the tool.

  1. Open the dashboard of antivirus
  2. Tap on its settings page
  3. Select the Protection option

Choose Web Protection and disable browser security features. Now again search for the page and click on the link. The user can access that page now. But you should only access the safe pages. Open the page when you are sure that it is safe to access. After accessing the page, the user should enable his browser protection feature. 

Users can easily enable or disable the security tools on the system. Whenever you disable any function and access a page or file then enable it. You should always run the full scan on the system. Don’t forget to check for the antivirus update as it is necessary for updating the virus chart. When a user’s antivirus program is running outdated; it can’t detect new threats. After updating you can work securely on the system.

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