Taking Vitamin C Supplements for Hair Loss – Is it a Good Idea?

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Hair Loss is a burning problem of the day. Stress, pollution and poor diet have taken a toll on our health. Scientists are advising taking vitamin C supplements for hair loss, but is it a good idea?

We would like to give our views having tried this remedy for ourselves.

We decided to go down the route of taking vitamin C supplements for hair loss after trying several solutions for hair fall.

After following the basic regime of taking vitamin C supplements for hair loss for a few months, the results were quite refreshing to see!

How Vitamin C Helps Prevent Hair Damage

Seeing long and silky hairs falling unexpectedly is a serious problem for most people.

Not only do you experience bald patches, scalp sores, and hair that doesn’t hold the hairstyle you put so much effort into… but the fact that you can’t grow your hair back is extremely frustrating! Enough said.

Any easy fixes are welcome in this case – which is why an increasing number of people resort to taking vitamin C Supplements (also known as L-Ascorbic Acid) as a hair growth treatment.

Here is how vitamin C can help you maintain strong and healthy hair.

Protects Against Free Radical Damage

Hair loss is an issue that’s very common for men and women alike. It can cause deep levels of psychological distress as well as result in lost confidence and low self-esteem.

However, whilst many people do suffer from hair loss, vitamin C supplements can help to dramatically protect against free radical damage.

Thinning hair and hair breakage is a common problem particularly in the case of men. It is caused by oxidative damage caused by free radicals that cannot be prevented through the use of common medications.

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You may be relieved to know that you do not have to lose your hair because you had a rough day at work or because of heredity. Using vitamin C supplements can help ease your symptoms of hair loss.

Vitamin C Supplements Are Strong Antioxidants

Follicles from which your hairs grow contain cells called “follicular stem cells” that produce new hair growth.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant called L-ascorbic acid — it neutralizes the free radicals and harmful toxins that damage the follicles in the scalp & your hair.

The latest research shows that vitamin C supplements can help prevent hair loss and even reverse early signs of balding.

That is because vitamin C is an antioxidant that boosts collagen production for stronger, thicker hair. It is also an essential nutrient for addressing various health problems.

Vitamin C Supplements Promote Stronger Hair

Vitamin C supplement may promote stronger hair growth.

Taking vitamin C supplements can significantly increase hair count, thickness, and length in people with moderate to severe alopecia areata.

Bottom Line

Vitamin C is a great way to bring more lustre and thickness to your locks if you have thin hair.

Vitamin C is thought to help prevent hair loss by stopping the formation of DHT, a hormone linked to male pattern baldness.

We recommend taking vitamin C supplements to promote healthier, stronger hair.

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