Tech Careers That Will Be The Highlights Of 2020

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IT is evolving at a fast pace and bringing new opportunities for individuals who wish to progress in the field. Which career path would you choose?

Many companies are undergoing digital transformation. Do you know what that means for tech specialists? It brings more jobs and career opportunities for people who are pursuing their degrees or already existing professions in AI, IoT, AR, and VR.

Having worked in the IT industry for a couple of years now, I find it easy to work from home with my Spectrum home internet and just my laptop. If you want to make it big in the field of IT, here are jobs you should hunt for in 2020:

Computer Vision Engineers

The demand for Computer Vision Engineers has been on the rise since 2013. These engineers help in building the computer vision apart from machine learning. Computer vision engineers work on machine learning analytics to detect, track, and classify objects.

With the possibility of self-driven cars becoming a norm, computer vision engineers and their expertise align well with the goal. These professionals will aid in making a big impact in the field and can be of immense help in the developmental stages.

Machine Learning Engineer

The next most sought after IT career for 2020 is Machine Learning Engineer. They are different from Computer Vision Engineers as they work with complex datasets to perform sophisticated programming. Doing so trains the systems. Experts believe that soon machine learning engineers will be in high demand as many companies are striving to become AI-powered companies.

Data Scientist

To give you some motivation to op for this field, here are a couple of facts. On average, a data scientist earns $113k per annum. And the reported job satisfaction is 4.3/5 as per current statistics.

Now coming to the real point. Data science is a diverse field. Different companies have different expectations from individuals joining them in the capacity of a data scientist. However, at the core of it, a data scientist evaluates data to provide a company with creative insights. Some of the responsibilities that an individual may have include:

  • Creating machine-based tools
  • Collection, cleaning, and organization of data
  • Performing predictive and statistical analysis

Software Engineer

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Might sound basic from its name, but software engineers are pretty much high in demand in the year 2020 as well. A typical software engineer spends hours designing, developing, and installing software. His knowledge of programming languages apart from engineering principles allows him to do so. When you first begin your job in the capacity of an entry-level software engineer, your talent can get you promoted to senior roles with time.

Some of the many skills that a software engineer possesses include:

  • Knowledge of many programming languages
  • Having expertise in SQL, database schema design and data modeling

Network Analyst

Businesses are now making huge investments in bettering their networks. As IoT is on the rise, more and more operations tend to become online. This is where the role of network analysts comes into play. They combine their analytical skills with technical ones to manage network traffic. Hence, guiding the businesses what the information could mean to them.

However, being a network analyst means that the professional should understand things beyond networking. For example, AI. Thus, making this career option a challenging one.

Security Analyst

Cybersecurity professionals are individuals’ companies hunt for. No matter which company it is, businesses need cybersecurity professionals. Their demand is not going down any time soon. It is only expected to grow as individuals and companies face more threats to their data from hackers.

However, the role of a cybersecurity individual will evolve for sure to incorporate skills like data analysis and AI. So, if you are a young university fellow who is deciding upon a branch of IT to choose, consider Cybersecurity.

Cloud Engineer

More and more companies are moving their information on the cloud. Apart from the ease of accessibility of data, the cloud is also a safe place to store information. However, this haven can be pretty dangerous as well. That is if a hacker gets access to your cloud system. That apart, cloud engineers’ demand is on the rise as more companies look for better solutions to save data online.

Solutions Architect

Who said that the sole job of an architect is to design homes? Solution architects help businesses resolve their technology-related issues and more. Some of the many duties that a solution architect performs include defining the features and phases of a tech problem in hand and suggest the best possible solution for it.

Skills that a typical solution architect must possess include IT infrastructure, software architectural design, product management, and project management. So all those inspiring to become IT professionals, these are some of the many career options that you can consider. Then who knows you might end up working for Microsoft or Spectrum technical support. But before you decide any path for yourself, know that all IT fields are very demanding.

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