The Benefits Of Having A Remote Assistant Of CCTV Cameras

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Home security is one of the major concern for many families. The ever increasing crime rate has left no place fully safe, which is why smart families have turned to keep their home secure with the help of a complete security system and home CCTV installation. While these systems have shown exceptional results in protecting both residential and commercial buildings form theft and vandalism, there is more that they offer. CCTV cameras are now available with remote assistant features through which you can subscribe with your security agency, and keep your home safe even when you are not around.

24 Hour Remote Access

The best thing about having a CCTV remote assistant is that you can always have remote access to the cameras and video surveillance. If you want to make any changes in the settings or enable notification of any unusual activity going on in your house or office, you can simply install the mobile application for the compatible with your security camera and turn on the remote assistant feature by connecting it to your CCTV. This will help you keep an eye on everything happening wherever the cameras as installed.

The Cameras Can Record The Events

You can also start video recording and footage capturing that will eventually help you reach the criminal easily if something happens. CCTV cameras will only record the event, but if you have connected it with a motion sensor alarm or a burglar alarm, you can easily prevent any such incidents from taking place. Burglaries are often done at night time when it is dark or when the thieves know that there is no one inside. If you are far away from home, and someone tries to invade in your property, the camera will instantly capture the face of the criminal along with notifying you so that you can take immediate action.

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Reduces Your Security Costs

The remote assistant feature helps you reduce the security cost that you have to pay on monthly basis otherwise. If you hire a security company for monitoring your house, it can be extremely expensive and uncomfortable as well. On the other hand, you will have to pay a monthly salary to physical security if you hire one. With remote assistant CCTV cameras, you only invest in the installation of the cameras and all the monitoring responsibility is on you. With smart software technology, these cameras work more efficiently than physical security.

Monitors And Control Other Activities

CCTV cameras can prove to be the best solution for not only the security purpose but also for the monitoring of other events in your house or office. For example, a CCTV camera in your baby’s room can act as a nanny camera. You can also keep an eye on your pet’s activity when you have to leave it alone at home. At offices, you can keep an eye on the productivity of the employees and whether they are working seriously or just entertaining themselves.

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