The Difference Between BikePacking and Bicycle Touring

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Bikepacking and Bicycle Touring are two wonderful ways to see the world by bicycle. Both involve covering longer distances with all the equipment you need during the night and tend to make minor repairs as you go. Most Popular Touring bikes make long road trips much more comfortable and safe. However, if you’re not an avid cyclist, it can be hard to tell the difference between the two.

What Exactly is Bicycle Touring?

A form of self-sustained road bike, bicycle touring is a lovely way to travel between destinations. The equipment that a cyclist needs for the trip is usually stored in saddlebags called panniers. Panniers hang from shelves placed near the front and rear tires of the bicycle. Usually, they come in pairs to help the rider stay balanced.

It has a much longer history in Europe than in the United States. However, bicycle touring has become popular all over the world. It was not long after the invention of the bicycle for several adventurers to undertake long-distance bicycle tours and around the world.

What is Bikepacking?

Bike-packing is the off-road version of bicycle touring. Think of cyclopacking as the adventure cycling version of hiking or backpacking. Cyclists often use mountain bikes or special bicycles and cover a variety of terrains, from dirt roads to rocky trails. Cycle tourism, however, is often attempted with road bikes and special bicycles.

That means taking your equipment differently, too. Instead of relying on saddlebags, bike-packers use different styles of frame bags. A bicycle packer kit is placed under the bicycle seat or hangs on the handlebar. That helps the rider to handle the swing and drag even on difficult terrain. It also helps your team stay away from the suspension of the mountain bike and the obstacles on the way. Minimalism is key in bike-packing.

How To Pack for Bicycle Touring?

The difference between bicycle touring and cycling is similar to the difference between camping in a car and backpack. Cycle tourism often allows the cyclist to be more flexible in what he or she brings. Meanwhile, bike packing requires a more minimalist configuration.

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Generally speaking, touring cyclists can pack between 15 and 45 pounds of equipment. A bike packer, however, can bring ten pounds or less in equipment. Of course, how much contributions depends on several factors. Consider the time of year, the distance traveled, the terrain and your driving style.

How To Pack for Bikepacking?

The Bike packing team is usually much lighter. An ultra-light bicycle trip would be ideal for a difficult route such as conquering the Grand Division by mountain bike. Meanwhile, tourism cyclists can take more for more flat routes. Traveling in small groups can also impact what you pack if you can share some equipment.

Another way to travel light is with a credit card. This is a style of bicycle touring that involves paying for meals and hostels or hotels as you go. The equivalent of touring with a credit card for hikers is called slackpacking. You will not need to pack as much as you would cycle bicycle or self-support.

Choosing between bicycle touring and bikepacking:

So, how do you decide if cycling or cycling are right for you? It depends honestly on your style of adventure. Cycle tourism can feel less intimidating for newbies. That is especially true if you stay near small towns. Bikepacking can be more challenging, and not only physically. For example, if you do not like to camp, it probably is not your thing.

If you are not sure, try both. There are many groups, clubs and tour companies that can help you get started. Cyclists love to introduce others to cycling and cycling. It means more people to ride!

So go ahead, load your bike rack and select your bike routes or your travel plan. Whether you try a route in your own backyard or in a foreign country, adventure cycling could be the new hobby you’ve been looking for


Nowadays, cycling has never been more popular. Thousands of people go on tour every year. You can easily go by bike alone, with friends or with a group of destination trips. Cycling can be easy or challenging. You can try anything from touring with support to adventure cycling.

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