The Foodie’s Guide to Different Cuts of Steak

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Despite a recent preference for lean meats, beef production remains the largest segment of the agricultural industry, comprising 17% of agricultural commodities sold in 2021. 

Chicken and fish are great sources of animal protein, but nothing beats a good steak in the eyes of the American consumer. This versatile meat lends itself to a great variety of dishes, as long as you know which steak cuts to use.

Are you planning a dinner for some foodie friends? Keep reading to discover some of the different cuts of steak available to meat lovers today.

Ribeye Steak

Ribeye is a flavorful, super-rich, and tender steak, beloved by beef aficionados. These prime cuts of beef are so sought-after, they even make good gifts for serious foodies, no matter the occasion.

These cuts of steak come from a section between the loin and shoulder and boast excellent marbling. Ribeye works best when it’s grilled outdoors, pan-roasted, or reverse seared. 

You can choose from bone-in or boneless ribeye steaks when making your selection. 

Flank Steak

Another supremely tender steak, flank is a long, flat cut that comes from the animal’s abdomen. It’s one of the tougher, ropier cuts and can become unpleasant if you cook it past 130 °F.

Flank steak is best when it’s grilled, broiled, or pan-seared to medium-rare.

Different Cuts of Steak From the Loin

The cow’s loin produces some of the tenderest and tastiest steaks around. There are three main types:


The tenderloin comes from the short loin of the cow. It’s an extremely flavorful, tender, and expensive cut of beef, and sought after in steakhouses and five-star restaurants.

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Butchers cut Filet Mignon from the center of the tenderloin. 

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon has a mild flavor with very little fat. For maximum enjoyment, you should never cook it further than medium-rare.

You should start your filet by pan-searing it until a crust forms, basting it with butter, and finishing it in the pan or oven. Filet is one of the best steaks to enjoy with a sauce or lots of seasoning.

T-Bone and Porterhouse

These cuts of meat comprise both strip steak and tenderloin. So you can enjoy two types of steaks and flavors when you eat these steaks. 

Porterhouse steaks are larger and a little less tender than T-bone steaks as they’re cut toward the more muscular side of the loin.

You should follow the same process for cooking porterhouse and T-bone as you do for filet mignon. 

New York Strip

New York strip steak is beefy, boneless, and bold with a substantial texture. It comes from a part of the cow behind the ribs called the short loin.

This steak has good marbling, and it’s best enjoyed after cooking it on a very hot grill or skillet.

Make the Most of Beef

If you’re cooking steak for dinner, these different cuts of steak can help take your meal to the next level. While it’s not recommended to eat rich, fatty meat every day, there’s no harm in treating yourself every once in a while. 

You can also choose from leaner cuts of beef to help soothe your conscience. 

Would you like to make the most of every mealtime? Browse our blog for more ideas on how to enjoy all the best things in life. 

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