There are so many types of juicer to choose from, which one is best for me?

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When you are looking for a Best Juicer for Celery, you will definitely be bombarded with tons of confusing information. Of course, many juicer manufacturers claim that their juicers are the best! With six basic types of juicers at your disposal, it is no wonder that the answer is less than crystalline. Then how do you determine which is really best for your needs?

Each large type has specific characteristics that distinguish it from other types. The six basic types are wheat, chewing, centrifugal, citrus, blender and press by hand or manual. Before buying any juicer, it is highly recommended that you make some comparative purchases to make sure you are buying the right type of juicer for your needs. It will be much easier to buy the right type of juicer once you understand the functions and features of each type of Best Juicer for Celery.

Wheatgrass juicers use a squeezing method to gradually extract the juice from the grass. Gradual pressure is preferable to higher velocity extraction methods because high velocities produce heat that can damage or destroy living enzymes. Wheatgrass juicers usually rotate gradually at about 80-120 rpm.

By comparison, most high-speed juicers spin at speeds above 1000 RPM. The enzymes contained in the extracted grass juice are destroyed or eliminated by heat generated by high speeds.

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Greens are very high in fiber and are not recommended for high speed juicers due to the possibility of constipation. For those who want to extract wheat juice, it is very important to look at the operating speeds and choose a low speed machine to maintain the integrity of the enzymes.

Chew juicers are a great choice for those who want to use a juicer frequently that can juice a wide variety of foods. Chewing juicers are called for their “chewing mechanism”. Chewing juicers are equipped with a single drill. They are extremely specialized in the juice of most vegetables, fruits and wheat.

These juicers are designed to destroy the cell structure and break down the fibers so that the nutrients they contain are released as juice. This type of juicer is horsepower and will spill almost anything you fill the duct.

A centrifugal juicer rubs the food and then rotates it to separate the juice from the pulp. Centrifugal juicers operate under the condition of centrifugal force, similar to the rotation cycle of your washing machine. The speed at which it rotates is high to “unscrew” the maximum amount of juice from the pulp.

Basically, the higher the speed, the more liquid is discarded and separated from the pulp or dry material. It is usually the cheapest type of juicer among model engines. They do not work well on leafy grasses, herbs or wheat. It is good for vegetable and fruit juice.

A citrus juicer is a great choice for those who want to get juice from the various citrus fruits. This type of juicer allows the optimal extraction of all nutrients from the fruit without the membrane, peel and seeds of most juicers that cause problems. Citrus juicers also effectively extract soluble fiber pectin, which is known to help lower high cholesterol. 

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