Thinking of Installing a Skylight? 5 Things to Consider First

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You need light in your life, but perhaps there is a room in your house that requires more light. If this is the case, then you may consider installing a skylight.

A skylight is a perfect feature that will bring natural light to a dark area of your house. The amount of light brought in by a skylight is five times more than that from a window. Nevertheless, skylights are neither cheap nor easy to install.

Before you embark on skylight installation, there are several things that you need to know. This article will list five things that you must know before you install a skylight.

1. House’s Heat Gain

Depending on where you live, the summers can be sweltering. Consequently, your house will be exposed to frequent and unpleasant heat gain. That’s why some homeowners and business managers install skylights to reduce heat gain.

However, not every skylight will reduce heat gain. It’d help if you bought a double-insulated glass skylight to minimize heat gain. The skylight must also have a coating with a low-E rating.

Any skylight with a bronze tint can also reduce heat gain if you install it on the right side of your home. Most people install the skylights on lower slopes of about ten degrees. This ensures that the skylights have lesser slopes than the house’s latitude.

2. Location

It’s important to choose the skylight installation place carefully. You should look at all the rooms and corners before settling on the ideal place. The chosen place should be below your roof and above a dark section of the room.

This roofing contractor will do measurements and recommend the best type of skylight.

3. Type of Roof

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Since you’ll install the skylight just below your roof, you must know the strength and type of roof. The roof should be strong enough to secure the skylight in place. Consequently, your roof’s framing will be a key factor when choosing the ideal skylight.

If your house has a well-spaced frame, it’ll hold any type of skylight. The same can’t be said of rectangular and closely spaced frames, especially if they use fabricated materials.

4. Additional Functions

One of the benefits of installing a skylight is that it can also bring more air. This is ideal for spaces that are typically closed. You can install a skylight to illuminate the place and enhance airflow.

Some types of skylights allow you to determine the amount of air in circulation. If the room becomes too stuffy, you can use a remote control to increase the skylight’s opening. This will bring in more fresh air to the room.

5. Skylight Material

The vast majority of skylights on sale use glass material, but there are other options. Some of the main skylight materials include metal, vinyl, and wood. These materials usually act as the frame of the skylight.

The material that lets in sunlight can either be glass or plastic.

Install a Skylight to Illuminate Your Room

Dark rooms are scary and don’t serve their purpose effectively. Installing a skylight will bring in more light to the room so that you can use it more often. However, you must know how to install a skylight before you buy one.

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