Tips for Cleaning After a Construction Project

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In the United States, 90% of homeowners are planning to remodel their house at some point. While renovations are an exciting way to change your home, they result in huge messes that can get tracked over your entire home.

To prevent this, you need to learn the right steps for cleaning after construction projects.

Do you want to learn why after construction cleaning is vital for your home? Keep reading these top tips to get your house clean after a messy renovation!

Get the Right Equipment

When you are cleaning up after a construction project, you must have the right equipment. Without the right tools, cleaning your home will take much more time and effort.

First, you should get a dumpster rental to remove the waste from your renovation project. If you are doing a major project in your home, you will likely have pieces of drywall, scrap wood, and other types of debris piling up in your home.

Renting a dumpster for trash removal will make it easier to dispose of the old materials.

Next, you need to have protective equipment. These include hard-soled shoes, gloves, face masks, and protection for your eyes. This will lower your risk of getting injured while cleaning up after your project.

Finally, you need cleaning tools! Some must-have items for cleaning after a construction project are a shop vac, a wet/dry vacuum, a carpet cleaner, and more.

Clear the Air

The next step of construction clean-up is cleaning the air. If you were running your air conditioner or heater during your project, you may have dust circulating through the vents in your home. Removing this dust as quickly as possible will improve your indoor air quality.

At the end of each day during your construction project, you need to vacuum with a HEPA vacuum. This will trap smaller particles and fine dust and will make it safer to breathe the air. You should also run a HEPA air purifier to help trap these particles during your renovation.

Another thing that can help improve the air quality in your home is opening the windows while you are cleaning. This will provide air circulation and can help you get the dust out of each part of your home.

You should also clean your air vents and replace air filters in your home to make sure the dust does not continue to spread.

Start With a Rough Cleaning

After you have done your best to remove the dust from the air, you can start with a rough cleaning of your home. This is the first part of post-construction cleaning and will remove the major sources of dirt and debris.

As part of your rough cleaning, you should remove any remaining waste and debris, sweep and vacuum the floors, wash the walls and baseboards, and more. While your home may not look much cleaner after the rough cleaning stage, it will help you remove the main sources of grime.

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Make sure you wipe all the hard surfaces in your home, even those that are not immediately surrounding the construction area.

Deep Clean

After the rough cleaning, you can begin deep cleaning. This requires more attention to detail and will help you remove additional dust that has settled on the surfaces of your home. During your deep clean, it is best to work your way down from the ceilings to the floor.

This way, you will not get dust or dirt on areas of your home that you have already cleaned.

For more deep cleaning, you should wipe down the hardware in your home, sanitize each surface, and even clean your window coverings. The biggest issue with house cleaning after construction projects is the fine dust that comes from drywall, plaster, mortar, sanding, and more.

By deep cleaning each part of your construction zone, you will prevent this dust from tracking to other areas of your home.

Clean Soft Furnishings and Fabrics

As part of your deep cleaning, you must clean your soft furnishings and fabrics. During a construction project, fine dust will settle into curtains, carpets, couches, and more, even if you covered them with a tarp.

First, you can start by vacuuming the carpets and upholstery to remove the embedded particles. This needs to be done carefully, removing cushions and vacuuming each detail of your furniture. You may even need to vacuum these twice.

If you still feel the itchiness of residual dust, you may need to use a carpet cleaner to more thoroughly clean your furniture and other fabrics in your home.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

If the post-construction cleaning process seems overwhelming, you can hire a professional cleaning company to take care of this for you.

Because these companies are trained to clean any type of construction debris, they will be able to clean your home safely and efficiently. Whether you need help with carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, or anything else, a professional company will make the process much easier.

Learn More About Cleaning After Construction Today

Construction projects can make a huge mess in your home, from demolition debris to fine dust and more. By following each of these cleaning tips, you can ensure that your home is clean and safe.

If this article was helpful and you want to learn more about home renovation projects and other tips for cleaning after construction, we can help!

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