Top 10 Bizarre Places Across the Globe

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If you are a risk-taker, you should add these travel destinations to your travel bucket list. Who doesn’t like a good mystery? The planet is full of surreal, eerie places, and sometimes outright weird places. Moreover, although many of these mysterious events have logical explanations, other issues remain stubbornly unsolved. They may not be traditional places to visit, but adventurous experiences can lead to some of the rarest, scariest, and most exciting memories in a lifetime. So book a flight, check your map, and pack your bags because it’s time to take a vacation in one of these locations. To help you decide where to go, we have compiled a list of the top 10 bizarre places on the planet.

1. Spotted Lake in British Columbia

The Spotted Lake has always been respected by the local Syilx people(Okanagan), and it is easy to see why they think it is a sacred place. The lake water evaporates in summer, leaving behind small mining pools, each of which has a different color from the next. This spectacular lake can be relished from Highway number 3 in the northwest of Osoyoos’ small town, although tourists are asked not to invade the tribular nation.

2. Thor’s Well in Oregon, U.S.

Under Thor’s Well in Oregon’s harsh conditions, also known as the “Spouting Horn,” waves rushed into the open sinkhole and shot upwards. You can go through the Captain Cook trek from the Scenic Area Visitor Center of Cape Perpetua, but for your own safety, it is best to stay safe by viewing it from afar, especially at low tide or during winter storms.

3. Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

About Sixty million years before, a vast volcanic eruption ejected a molten basalt piece of molten basalt, solidified and shrank as it cooled, forming the cracks that can be seen today. This world heritage site is estimated to have 37,000 polygonal columns. The geometric shapes are so perfect that a giant created the local legend, a giant created the local folklore. Make your Turkish Airlines Booking to experience this bizarre site and have a taste of unique thrill.

4. Hillier Lake, Western Australia

This great lake was discovered in 1802 on the largest island of the Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia. The lake maintains a deep pink color all year round. Some scientists say this is due to the high salinity and salt-loving algae called Dunaliella salina and a pink bacteria, Known as the halobacterium.

5. Pamukkale, Turkey

Thrill-seekers visit Pamukkale or simply Cotton Palace, a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in southwestern Turkey, and visit Hierapolis’s ancient ruins of Hierapolis once a hot spring pool, perfect for quick immersion. We recommend that you take a small group tour to provide you with a guide.

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6. Peru Nazca Line

The mammal patterns and geometric forms of ancient Nazca etched into Peru’s barren Pampa de San José are a big mystery in South America. Visible only from the metal viewing tower in the sky or beside the highway, some of the unexplainable shapes are up to 200m long, and each form is executed in a continuous straight line.

7. Bermuda Triangle in North Atlantic

Shrouded in myths and mysteries for a long time, the infamous 500,000 square miles (also known as the Devil’s Triangle) is roughly located between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Although the U.S. Coast Guard is controversial about any of these areas, conspiracy theories thrive in stories about abnormal magnetic readings, ships, airplanes, and people without a trace.

8. Hands in the Chilean Desert

Chilean sculptor Mario or Mario Irarrázabal formed this particular piece of art, which comes from debris in the center of the Atacama Desert, located 46 miles southward of Antofagasta, Chile. Irarrázabal is known for works related to human suffering. This vast and disturbing sculpture exudes a sense of loneliness, exacerbated by its desolate and secluded location.

9. Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines

Bohol’s more than 1,700 conical hills dot the Philippines’ central part; they vary in height, but their shapes are so regular that people often think of them ashuman-made. However, according to UNESCO, this is the result of increased coral deposits and rain erosion. When the leaves change from lush green to brown, the hill only gets the nickname “chocolate” during the dry season.

10. Panjin Red Beach, China

This beach is very calm and weird. It is covered with a type of Sueda seaweed, which turns bright red in autumn. These tidal wetlands are located 30 kilometers southwest of Panjin and are essential nature reserves for bird migration. Only a small part of the beach is open to the public, but you can explore the beach through the wooden walkway that extends to the sea. 
Some of these places are forbidden to visitors, and the government restricts others, and only a few are inaccessible. You can at least physically visit these mysterious places, even if not in actual situations. Make sure to make your Spirit Airlines Reservations on time to see some of these weird places and have a perfect adventurous escape.

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