Top 10 Intangible Gifts For Your Loved Ones

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Of course, you can give tangible gifts like jewellery or photo frame to your loved ones. However, do you want to? The thing is, sometimes, we want to give our loved ones something so unique that they will never forget. But not all tangible gifts can be memorable. In such cases, experiences will give more precious memories to your loved ones, and that’s why you can give them intangible gifts. You can also give them delicious cakes and if you are in Aurangabad, then get cake delivery in Aurangabad and, apart from that, get a list of some intangible gifts. Intangible gifts can be those that your partner wouldn’t be able to touch but the experience. We have listed the top 10 intangible gifts list below.

Theatre/show tickets

If your loved ones have a liking for movies or shows, then a perfect intangible gift would be theatre or show tickets. You can get two tickets for you and your partner. Then you can go out, have some lunch/dinner depending on the timing and take your seats for your favourite shows.

Outdoor swimming pool

You can also take your partner to an outdoor swimming pool. An outdoor swimming pool will be better than an indoor swimming pool. The outdoor swimming pools are bigger and much better for creating some unique memories with your partner. Thus, your partner will love such an intangible gift.

Food tasting trip

Is your partner a foodie? Then how about going out for food tasting? You can go out for wine tasting, cake tasting, or chocolate tasting. If you don’t want to depend on a single food type, then you can go out and try different types of food all around your city. It will be a memorable experience that counts as an incredible intangible gift.

A fun class together

If your partner is into music, dance, cooking, or any other such activity, then you can have fun learning together. You can take fun cooking or a dancing class together. That way, you can make more joyous memories to keep. You can join any class depending on your and your loved ones’ preference and start having fun.


I would suggest paragliding with your partner. Above the beautiful mountains and beneath the breathtaking sky, you will feel like you fly while feeling like touching those delicate clouds. And at that time, you and your loved ones will get a heavenly joy along with the lovely touch of the winds. You can get a wonderful sight of the mountains and rivers below. Your partner will love it.

Camping trip

How about a camping trip beneath the starry sky? One of the best intangible gifts you can give to your partner is by taking them for a camping trip up in the mountain or riverside. You can set up your tent, take out your camping supplies and tools and gaze at the beautiful starry sky while eating noodles with your partner. 

Bungee Jumping

If your partner likes adventure, then they will love bungee jumping. Jumping from a high place attached to a rope would seem scary at first. However, as soon as you see yourself flying down the depths of beautiful nature, it will be amazing. Thus, together with your partner, you can go bungee jumping.

An escape room trip

Escape rooms are those rooms that you need a ticket to enter. Such rooms have several riddles and clues using which you have to exit the room within the limited time frame. If your partner loves something like this, then tickets to an escape room would be the perfect intangible gifts.


You can also take your partner trekking. You will find several trekking spots all around you. You can browse about the trekking places near you. And then choose the location that suits your requirements perfectly.


Intangible gifts tend to be more precious than tangible ones. For, the intangible gifts are there that create more memories through fun experiences. Thus, your can give your loved ones one of the above-mentioned intangible gifts or order cake via the best cake shop near you on special occasions, and they will love it.

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