Top 5 Pool Leak Repair Tips You Should Consider

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With more time spent at home recently, it’s no surprise that home repairs will increase. And more homeowners are doing their own home projects. Did you know that survey showed 59% of people would spend more money on DIY than before the pandemic?

Yet, when it comes to the backyard pool, we don’t always know the answers to issues that arise. Many homeowners are uncomfortable with pool leak repair.

So if you have concerns about a pool leak and how to fix it, keep reading. Here are five tips to help you identify pool leaks and get them repaired.

1. Environmental Awareness

Before deciding your swimming pool is leaking, first consider the climate effects. On the hottest days of the year, it’s not uncommon for a backyard pool to lose 2 inches in a week. In addition, weather conditions like wind, humidity, and lack of shade will contribute to evaporation.

Another factor to bear in mind is the amount of use your pool gets. Swimming pools lose water with increased activity and splashing. So regular pool maintenance may be all that’s required.

2. Look For Common Leak Areas

If your pool is losing more water than what’s considered normal, look for the usual culprits first. First, check the fittings on the pump for sweating. Then, turn off the pump and check for suction leaks or air pockets in the tank.

Sometimes the problem is a plastic fitting around skimmers or feed lines. Materials that crack with age make for easier pool repair. So look for the places where things connect before looking to the liner.

3. The Quick Test

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The bucket test is a simple method for finding out how fast you are losing water. First, fill a large bucket with water to about an inch below the rim. Then, place it on the pool step or ladder to level the water level with the pool water.

Be sure to mark the bucket level inside and out with tape or a permanent marker. Measure the change over 24 hours with the pump running and then again with the pump off. If the pool goes below the bucket level, you have a leak.

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4. The Underwater Dye Test

If you suspect where a crack might exist in the liner, get a tube of food coloring, goggles, and a snorkel. Then, go into the swimming pool and squirt the dye where you think a crack is leaking. If the dye gets sucked through the gap, you know where the leak exists.

5. Get Expert Help

Pool repair experts come equipped with systems for fast problem-solving. Professional pool leak detection will get to the root of the problem faster.

A pool repair company uses technology like listening devices to find deeper issues. So if you are in doubt about where the pool leak is, you should rely on professional expertise.

Sensible Pool Leak Repair Options

Nobody looks forward to pool leak repair, but there can be an easy solution. So a systematic approach to finding issues will save time and money. And before problems arise, regular pool maintenance is always recommended.

A backyard pool is a significant investment for any homeowner. So get the most out of your backyard pool with a few preventative measures. And if this article made a splash, come back for more helpful tips.

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