Top 8 Destinations to Spend Your Christmas in 2020

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This Christmas is not like the ordinary ones. The pandemic is still not gone, and many cities are dealing with a rising number of patients but allover, the situation is a bit relieving. While almost every festival hasn’t been its authentic way during high times, you must be looking forward to Christmas. Since Christmas is just around the corner and every person of each age, from toddlers to adults and oldies, must have been waiting for it. Check out our list of places where you can celebrate your Christmas-eve with a bang.

Montreal, Canada

In this French-Canadian metropolis, you can find the most lively European Christmas on the Atlantic coast. The famous French-themed festival, Défilé de Noël of the Montreal state, the 92 years old Santa parade, various Christmas markets, weekly fireworks displays, and many festive French foods enjoy a culturally integrated Christmas celebration activity. 

New York

I believe that the Big Apple can provide Christmas commemorative events that are bigger than life. During the holiday season, the city that has never slept has made a name for itself through continuous Christmas activities and products, including the famous 27-meter Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the monumental decoration installation on Sixth Avenue- Top Christmas decorations from Dyke Heights.

Finnish Lapland

Lapland is located north of the Arctic Circle and is regarded by many as the actual hometown of Santa Claus. Finnish locals paid tribute to the hometown heroes of the capital Rovaniemi through winter wonderland activities, such as exploring a reindeer hunting trip, watching Santa’s elves at work, and taking a cookie baking class in the kitchen with Mrs. Claus.

Quebec City

Those brave enough to face the Canadian cold will be rewarded with a beautiful winter wonderland directly from the snowball. For a classic Christmas experience, there is almost no place to compete with Quebec City. Quebec City has a long history and is even listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. By December, the city’s cobblestone streets and buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries are out of place with Christmas decorations and white snow. Traditional activities such as skating and exploring the Christmas market take place around the city.  Make your KLM Booking to visit there this year on Christmas and enjoy an exciting Christmas Holiday escape in 2020.

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The Arctic in Alaska: North Pole

If you are after Christmas kitsch, then the most prominent Christmas destination is also the best. In Alaska’s Arctic town, a total of 2,200 residents along with the old Saint Nick celebrate Christmas throughout the year, and holiday decorations will be displayed from January to December. Visit Santa’s House, stay in RV Santaland Park, traverse streets such as Santa Claus Lane and Kris Kringle Drive, and see Christmas-like colors in this perennial resort.

Tokyo, Japan

Considering that the city is known for the lights and decorations within its face, the Japanese capital’s secular celebrations should not be missed. Although Christmas is not mainly celebrated in Tokyo, locals are keen on the holiday season’s festive atmosphere, which is not shared outside American department stores. When spending your favorite holiday in the Western world in Tokyo, Japan, look forward to luxurious decorations, infectious cheers, and a warm Christmas Eve outing.

Reykjavik in Iceland

In Iceland, the atmosphere of Christmas is so rich that one Santa Claus is not enough. Local folklore describes 13 Klaus-like characters who distributed gifts to friendly people and sweethearts in the 13 days before Christmas. The capital of Reykjavík is the most suitable place to enter one of the Yule Lads and explore the charming Yule Town Christmas market, where you can also enjoy the famous Stunning views of the Northern Lights.

Nuremberg, Germany

Winter is here, and there are about 70 Christmas markets or Christkindlesmarkts in Germany, the most popular of which is in Nuremberg. In this world-famous town tradition, more than 2 million people visit about 200 stalls each year, selling handmade gifts, traditional German toys, as well as sweet wine and gingerbread.
From Europe’s FAirytale Cities to lively main squares in Mexico, these December destinations are at the top of our list. To help you spend a happy Christmas, please make Delta Airlines Book a Flight to spend your Christmas Eve at these hottest Christmas places in the world.

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