Top AI-Driven Apps For iOS

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Things around us are driven by technology these days and AI has been doing well in this area. AI helps the applications and devices to work more accurately and efficiently and get done with tasks within a very less amount of time. It has helped to turn the systems smarter, automate the tasks, and speed up things. AI is now used mainly to build mobile applications and hiring an experienced iOS app development company can play a greater role in the success of such an application.

If you would like to know more about such AI-based iOS applications, then this article is for you.


Robin is a voice assistant app that is AI-based. This AI-based application is quite popular among app users and is available both on Android and iOS phones. The app can write text messages and send it through voice without making you touch the phone. You can even use this app to set reminders and to get GPS navigation. It is an AI-based app that has the ability to update itself based on the needs of the user.


Cortana comes from Microsoft and is one of the most popular artificial intelligence applications in the market. The application records a range of different crucial data like images, videos, personal information, and other valuable files. The application can sync your personal computer with your smartphone. This way you can quickly check everything on your personal computer through your smartphone. Moreover, you can have your smartphone bring to you the latest news reports, sports, TV shows, series, and everything you need on demand.

Price: It is free.


You can easily get into a conversation with totally strange people using Wysa. This is an AI-based chatbot and can help you up your spirits when you are alone. By using this app you will be able to get in conversation with strangers with confidence.

Price: It is free, comes with in-app purchases.


ELSA is a smart AI application that works as a Digital English Tutor. This app can work as a perfect teacher for a person who wishes to learn the English language. Moreover, to help the user make quick improvements, the app keeps a record of past mistakes. The app has been designed by using voice recognition technology and is good enough in helping you learn intermediate-level English language. This way you will be able to learn the language faster and that too with an American accent.

Price: It is free, comes with in-app purchases.


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Youper app comes from Youper, INC. and this is a mobile app developed for Android and iOS market using a smart AI technology. As per the directions of the doctor, this AI-based app keeps on maintaining the fitness schedules and health records of the app user. The app is free and it helps the user to schedule regular health checkups, workouts, exercises, meditations, etc.

Price: It is free, comes with in-app purchases.


FaceApp is one of the popular AI-driven apps that have been developed for iOS and Android platforms by Facebook. The app lets the user to work on their existing photos and convert it into amazing pictures. You can use this intelligent app to change the complete look and features of the face which include hairstyle, smile, age, etc.

Price: It is free, comes with in-app purchases.


Expense tracking is one of the main headaches for a B2B arrangement and it is tough to keep a track of it continuously. Now, this issue can be taken care of Fyle which is actually an expense tracking app-enabled with AI. You can keep track of your expenses and receipts from time-to-time and generate a report regularly. So if you have a receipt in hand, you can take an image using the camera and it will be scanned by the Fyle app. The app then takes up the information which is related to the occurred expenses. Fyle can be said to be the right app for accounting companies and small companies and for people who work on spreadsheets to put in their lengthy list of expenses.

Price: It is free.


When it comes to having better chats you can find Replika to be quite useful. The app can help you have limitless conversations and any iOS or Android user can use it. Apart from just sending plain text, it lets you express your thoughts. Using this app, now you can keep on saving notes as you go over the notepad and even easily track them down when needed in the future.

Price: It is free, comes with in-app purchases.

Final thoughts

The use of artificial intelligence in iOS app development has helped businesses to build intelligent and smart solutions. Such solutions help businesses increase efficiency and get done with tasks in lesser amounts of time.

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