Top Glass Dining Table Decor Ideas For Occasional Feasts

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Glass dining tables are quite trendy these days and for good reasons. Not only are they stylish, but they also shout class. Plus they are decorative on their own without a hand from say, flowers or other table decor. This is the more reason for you to consider a glass dining idea if you are holding a buffet or a small feast at your place, workplace or any social event. You could also go a step further and incorporate top decor ideas to ensure that not only do your guests have a wonderful place to serve themselves, but that the presentation is easy on the eye. In this piece, we have compiled some of the top glass dining table decor ideas that you can use at your social event:


In most events, the food table will be next to the wall. How about leveraging the wall and including a backdrop? Even better, the backdrop could be consistent with the color of the table (if it isn’t transparent of course). A backdrop serves the purpose of informing the guests on what the event is all about. So say you are holding a buffet celebrating friendship, how about a backdrop that has pictures depicting the period of friendship. There are many types of backdrops out there. For instance, you could have a printed backdrop. This includes pre-designed artwork that you can have printed at a copy shop. You can also opt to have balloons to create a stylish backdrop.

Vary Serving Heights

You don’t want all the foods to be on one level. Instead, vary the serving heights. The tallest items should be at the back next to the wall while the shortest dishes sit at the front. When you do this, it frees up some space to add some condiments as well as in front of the raised dishes. To complement the glass look of the glass tables, how about using glass risers to suspend the food? This will bring a consistency to the whole glass dining table look. However, if you do not have the money to spend on risers, you can result to DIY solutions. For example, you could elevate the platters using books that are stacked to the desired height and then have them covered using a tablecloth. This will help you avoid having all the food on the same plane where the chances of knocking into one another is very high.

Ensure Serve Ware Is Consistent With The Theme

This might be hard to pull off if you are hosting a formal buffet. Real china and cloth napkins are most dominant at these events so it’s hard to match with the theme. On the other hand, if you are just having a casual catching up party, instead of real china, you can opt for paper cups and napkins. These will provide you with a wide range of colors as well as graphic patterns to choose from. You will therefore be able to add to the design scheme of the buffet.

Placing Some Foods Together

There are food pairings that are accepted worldwide in the culinary world. It only makes sense that you’d place such foods together. This will prevent your guests from having to reach over other spots of the table to come up with the combinations that will suit them. For example, you should position the wine bottles next to the cheese platters because it is an acceptable pairing. You could be of assistance to your guests by indicating the wines that pair best with your assorted cheeses through identifying flags. Also, you could group cheese with grapes and crackers.

Top Glass Dining Table Decor Ideas For Occasional Feasts
Top Glass Dining Table Decor Ideas For Occasional Feasts

Let’s say you are hosting guests over for dinner and you want to wow them with the decor on your glass dining table top. Here are some ways to go about this:


This is the most common decor for tables and they work like a charm. They make your dining room look outdoorsy, add some color to it and of course enliven the dining table. If you are on a budget or just don’t have time to spend on a floral display, you can settle for a single flower type within your budget that you can purchase in decent quantities and then have it take the spotlight by placing it in a clear glass case in the middle of the table. You can also try out multiple vases of the same style but different shapes and sizes.


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If you don’t fancy flowers, you could always go for potted plants or you could have a combination of both. This will not only be easy on your budget, but will make your table interesting. There are plenty of plants to choose from. You could have a blend of green plants and minimalist glasses in two matching containers as your table decor. You can also mix the plants with some dried elements.

Fruits And Other Assorted Items

Fruits and assorted accessories make for great table decor and can be used to create a themed table. You can place on the table top pomegranate-covered bowls which will go hand in hand with wicker cloches. You then surround these with fruits of all kind and they will help add color and make the table have a natural element.


If you want to go beyond potted plants and flowers, you can also have plain greenery which looks great in all sorts of vessels and vases. You can use several vases filled with the same kind of greenery like eucalyptus stems. This use of several vases with the same greenery helps make a statement as opposed to having lots of flowers plus if the vases have the same height, it gives a specific look.


Placing a bowl of fruit on the table top can also make a difference on your dinner table. You can complement it with some candles plus the tableware and it will create an ambient environment to host dinner for friends or family.

Flowers And Fruit

Are you going for a dramatic look? Well, you could have a blend of fresh flowers and a combination of many fruits as the centerpiece. For instance, you could combine lush blooms, grapes plus other fruits and lots of greenery to make the table look like it is bursting.


If you think using flowers, fruit or greenery is cliché and you’re looking for a minimalist table decor, why not use lots of candles? You can go with candles of different sizes and shapes or you can stick to one size. When you opt for candles, ensure you turn down the lights before firing up the wicks. This will create a dramatic atmosphere. Plus, candles will make everybody look good and induce a warm and moody vibe.

Glass Cloches

These definitely match with glass dining tables. They make for excellent items for one to use as a centerpiece. You can either use one or in multiples. Additionally, you can place anything in them, that is, food, fruits, flowers- whatever impresses you. However, do not place candles in cloches because they’ll go out due to lack of oxygen.

These are just some of the tips to improving on your table decor. You can use them when you have your friends over for dinner or when you are hosting a social event.

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