Traveling through Asia for the First Time? 5 Backpacking Tips

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Asia for the First Time

Asia, home to many countries rich in culture and heritage. It encompasses many religions, cultures customs, and traditions. If you are planning to travel through Asia, we recommend starting your journey from the southern part of Asia. South Asia is home to beautiful countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. From here on you can move your way through Central Asia consisting of China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. In southeast Asia, you can visit beautiful little countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore to name a few. If you choose to start your journey from South Asia, we recommend Pakistan. Here in the UK, several airlines are offering Birmingham to Lahore flights at affordable rates. Also, Lahore is a wonderful city to start your journey if you are traveling through Asia for the first time.

Here are our top 5 backpacking tips you should consider while visiting Asia for the first time.

Budget Sensibly

Budgeting before you start your journey is always important. It will help you prepare for any surprise expenses. Planning your budget does not only mean that you have to save money, rather you should know where to spend it. Research before landing in your destination country about the must-see attractions and plan your expenses accordingly.

Connect with the Locals

If you want to enhance your experience, try connecting with the locals. Respect their cultures and religion. Wear appropriate attire, many locals will be appreciative if you choose to wear clothes of their region. Try learning some local phrases, like Thank You, Good Bye, and any other salutations. This will connect you to the people.

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Make time for Religious Place

On your journey through Asia, you will encounter many Mosques, Temples, and other religious places. Make time to visit such places. It will help you connect spiritually to these places and understand the very essence of the religious practices of the local people. And let’s not forget that these holy places are a sight to behold when it comes to their architecture and design.

Prefer Public Transport

Yes, we mean it. Always prefer to use public transport. Not only will it be safe, but also an inexpensive way of traveling. Cabs, Taxis, and other cheap worldwide flights private modes of transportation will be expensive. Many Asian countries do not have a fare system so you will end up paying more or end up haggling with cab and taxi drivers a lot.

Stay Healthy Stay Hydrated

This we cannot stress enough. Staying hydrated is the most important part of traveling. Eat well, sleep well. These are two important things you should spend your money on. Key tips here; consume bottled water, prefer the street food where it’s crowded (crowded places offer the best food as local people will not eat from places where you are likely to get sick). If it’s cold pay for a room with heating, if hot prefer a room with an AC. Asia is home to all weather types. Hot, Humid, Cold, Rainy, and Snowy you will get a chance to experience it all. Plan your trip by the weather and pack accordingly.

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