Two-color Combination For Bedroom Walls

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If you want to have a beautiful bedroom, you must know how to paint the walls to create accents and complete the exterior of the building. The sharing of experts in design, paint color coordination, within the scope of this article, will help you gain more experience and new knowledge to perfect the beauty of the bedroom space.The principles when mixing paint colors should not be ignoredChoose paint colorThe first thing you need to do before you start painting is to choose your favorite paint color. In the palette, there are many original colors. Choosing the main paint color is important, from which to choose the color combination to complete the exterior.Pay attention to the 60 – 30 – 10 color schemeThe 60 – 30 -10 color scheme is considered the golden rule in decoration and color coordination. When painting, you should only choose a maximum of 3 different paint colors, mixed according to specific levels to ensure a good visual impression space, creating harmony and elegance, helping the bedroom to have an aesthetic effect. higher. The dominant color accounts for 60% of the grade 1 color, the level 2 paint color accounts for 30% and the remaining 10% is for the accent color. The combination of the color scheme adheres to gentle, level-specific gradations.Should choose colors that you have feelings forThe bedroom is almost a close friend of each family, each member. The time we live and daily contact with the bedroom is 12 hours/day. Therefore, choosing your favorite paint color is important, helping you to be comfortable when living and sleeping. Do not choose paint colors that you do not like, because it will cause discomfort and dissatisfaction in daily life, making you feel stuffy and uncomfortable.Choose bright and neutral paint colorsChoosing bright paint colors is the safest and most popular choice today. Using light paint colors, along with the color scheme with accent colors, developed colors, and dominant colors, the bedroom will look more elegant. If the area of ​​​​the bedroom is small, you should choose bright paint colors, which will help cheat the area. Dark color should only be an accent color, not the main color, it will make your bedroom look more cramped and cramped.If you want to buy paint at the most economical cost, don’t forget to use discount codes and coupons available for paint on sales websites to receive special offers.When mixing paint colors, pay attention to the function of each roomA fact that cannot be ignored is that when mixing paint colors, the function of each room should not be ignored. Each space has a different function, there will be suitable paint color.For example, the living room is usually located near the main door, receiving the general vitality of the bedroom, so it is possible to choose neutral and pastel colors to bring a sense of relaxation, bring comfort, Open to family members, or guests to visit the bedroom.As for the bedroom, which needs to be quiet and gentle, it is advisable to choose warm colors such as light yellow, pink, purple, blue, etc.How to mix bedroom wall paint colors to be beautifulThere are many paint color schemes, but do you know which paint colors are used by many bedrooms, creating high aesthetic effects, durability, and long life?Cream yellow – light brownCream yellow is almost one of the top colors, receiving the love of many families. From the design of level 4 bedrooms, town bedrooms to villas, the exterior as well as the interior are finished with a creamy yellow color that has always led to the design and selection trends. Cream yellow represents youth, full of vitality, brown represents elegance and sophistication, so painting this color is a must.Milky white – the beige color combinationIf you want your home to be more modern, the combination of these two colors is necessary. Milky white color brings a modern, youthful feeling and adds a distinct beauty to the bedroom. Combined with beige to create a more perfect and fresh accent.Blue – the gray-white color combinationThe color blue symbolizes peace, carries the meaning of faith and hope. Therefore, if the bedroom uses this paint color, all family members will feel peaceful and peaceful when coming home.Gray-blue color combinationGray in combination with blue is a fairly common and safe way to decorate the facade of the bedroom. The gray color will give people a pleasant, clean feeling, combined with a little blue to make the bedroom more fresh and impressive.The coffee color scheme with earth orangeA youthful and fresh color palette, the perfect combination of coffee brown and earthy orange. Two neutral tones combine to create an elegant and harmonious movement.Brown – the orange-pink color combinationAdjacent color scheme, warm tones are transferred gently and interestingly, creating a new exterior space and attracting by its uniqueness and eye-catching.With endless creativity, many tones are now mixed in clever ways, the exterior is finished with many new paint colors.ConclusionAbove are the ways to combine paint 2 colors for bedroom walls. Each bedroom shows the unique personality of the owner, so the choice of paint color scheme depends on the owner’s preferences and investment budget. When choosing paint colors, you should consider the color and quality factors, to ensure the highest aesthetics for the bedroom space. Hope you will have a satisfactory bedroom.


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