Types Of Orchids You Can Grow With LED

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This is very important for us to know about the Types Of Orchids You Can Grow With LED. Join the winter trend and start an indoor DIY orchid growing project! This is a great time to grow your favorite orchids with amazingly shaped, colorful blooms. Although taking up an indoor growing project may seem like a difficult task, you should know that when done right, it could prove to be an enthralling and relaxing experience. However, the only way to ensure this is by providing them with the best, appropriate care.

For an indoor orchid growing project, we recommend that growers use LED grow lights. The reason is the fact that these indoor grow lighting options do not have any harsh effects on the growth of the plants when compared to other indoor grow lights such as HID’s and fluorescents. Using G8 LED grow lights means that growing orchids indoors can be an easy and fun project. These lights mimic the portion of sunlight the orchids need, which makes it possible for indoor growers to grow orchids even in harsh weather conditions like winter.

Types Of Orchids You Can Grow With LED

The Best Types of Orchids to Grow Indoors

Indoor gardening of orchids means there are several types you can choose since there’s a broad range of species available. However, if you are taking up a new project, it could be difficult for you to know exactly where you should begin. To make things easier for you, here’s a look at a few popular ones that grow well under LED grow lights.


These orchids are slender and tall. They are common in flower shops and have long-lasting blooms. When grown indoors under Dorm Grow LED lights, they have colorful blooms and are easier to manage and grow indoors. These are available in a wide array of vibrant colors, so you should choose them based on your desired choice of color.


These are winter or autumn plants, and they bloom well under low light conditions. Their genus is similar to the Cattleya species, which we will look at next. It also shares a similar genetic origin to species from South and Central America.

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This species of orchids is renowned for its big and showy flowers. There are several species available, and they appear as cut flowers. They have scented blooms and grow in a wide assortment of colors. A unique feature of these is that they have beautiful markings on them. For the best flowers, you should raise them well in medium or bright light. Also, fertilize them once in a month and do not over water them.


These also go by the name “Slipper Orchids.” They come in various beautiful colors and forms to choose from. Others orchids you can grow indoors include Cymbidium, Oncidium Orchids, and Phalaenopsis.

The Lighting Requirements for Orchids 

The intensity of the light always matters and plays an essential role in terms of the growth of the orchids. This is especially true if you want the best blooms. If the light conditions are not favorable, the plants will not grow properly. The intensity of the light is often measured in watts, so when you invest in LED grow lights, you should consider the wattage each one will emit. This will help determine the number of lights needed. For orchids like the high light ones, the range could be 400-600watts. The medium-light could be 300-400watts, whereas, the low light ones will require 200-300watts.

Furthermore, the duration of the light also matters. For the best blooms in summer, the plants will need 14-16 hours of light. Cooler months will require 12-14 hours of light for a healthy blooming of the orchids. months will require 12-14 hours of light. This is often best for healthy blooms of the orchids.

Choosing LED Grow Lights for Orchids

LED grow lights are a popular choice among indoor growers to grow a variety of the best indoor orchids. When compared to other lighting solutions, they are much more energy efficient. When growing with LED grow lights, you can save about 50-60% on power costs. They last for many years, and they are durable.

Furthermore, these lights emit customized spectra of colors, which revolutionizes the way commercial hobbyists and commercial growers take up indoor gardening. The G8LED full spectrum LED grow light is a preferred choice because it is able to grow beautiful orchids. These lights do not waste energy as excess heat and make it much easier to control the indoor environment. Although there are several other varieties of orchids you can grow indoors, you just need to ensure that you choose the best LED grow lights for the best blooms. Take your time to explore all your options and choose the best options accordingly.

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