Uncommon Facts About Invisalign You Don’t Know

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You may be hyped about getting Invisalign to straighten your teeth and perfect your smile. You may have completed your first consultation with your Invisalign provider in London, which is the first step in your Invisalign journey. Chances are, you have discussed your treatment plan with your Invisalign provider, and your orthodontist may have given information about your treatment, but, there are things nobody would tell you before your Invisalign treatment.

These ten facts below are things nobody may tell you about Invisalign.

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  • You may pay a huge sum for your consultation, 3D model imaging, dental x-rays and other procedures that are needed during the first consultation. Your orthodontist may decide to give you a discount, but you should prepare to spend a lot whether or not you decide to get the aligners.
  • You would have to wait for a few weeks before your aligners are made and sent to your orthodontist’s office. This happens because the aligners are custom-made following the specifications your orthodontist recommends for your teeth so the aligners can fit perfectly.
  • You may need orthodontic buttons, and fitting them usually takes a while. Generally, fitting the orthodontic button lasts for about an hour and a half. During the fitting, you are likely to feel uncomfortable, and the acid etchant may irritate your mouth. This process may be repeated when you need new buttons every couple of months as your teeth move until they are in their right position.
  • Taking out the aligner from the mouth and putting it in requires some level of skill that everyone does not have. Although there is a tool to make the process easier, not everyone would know how to use it properly. If you have elastics fitted in your upper and lower teeth due to the complexity of your case, you may also find it difficult to remove them and put them back in.
  • While removing the aligners to either eat or clean your teeth, the sharp-edged buttons may scratch and scrape your cheek. You may not be able to take your aligners off any time you want to snack so you may find yourself sticking to only three meals or less a day.
  • Whenever you take out your aligners to eat, you must brush your teeth properly so this may leave you brushing your teeth several times in a day. Even with brushing after, your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any other meal between, your aligners may easily get stained. 
  • The Invisalign system makes it impossible for you to take random drinks like juice or soda pop. You cannot take anything other than water when your aligners are in your mouth. If you want to take any drink like coffee, or tea, you’d have to go into the bathroom, take out your aligners before going back to have your drink then afterwards you would brush your teeth before putting your aligners back. This process may be too stressful for a lot of people. The exception of taking water only applies to room temperature water as too hot or cold water may damage the plastic aligners.
  • If you love applying lipsticks or even lip gloss, you would have to say goodbye to them during your Invisalign treatment because the lipstick would rub off on the aligners and stain them.
  • Your aligners need to be worn for about 21 – 22 hours daily, and you need the self-discipline to have your aligners on for this long. You may have to deal with occasional pain, especially when you change your aligners to a new set, but this pain may not be as intense as that of traditional metal braces. When you change your aligners and begin to feel pain, you may be tempted to remove them for a while, but taking your aligners out would only extend your treatment time.
  • Maintaining and caring for your teeth during Invisalign treatment may be time-consuming and tiresome. Taking them out and putting them on also adds to the stress of using Invisalign and in addition to these, you would have to have to bite down on Invisalign Chewie for at least ten minutes two times in a day to help your aligners fit your teeth properly.

If you decide to use these aligners, do ensure you contact the best Invisalign provider in London. Your orthodontistmay not tell you about this experience of using the Invisalign aligners, but now you know them to help you prepare for your treatment. However, these facts about Invisalign should not stop you from realigning your teeth as you would only experience them for a while, then your smile would be as you have always wanted it. Book an appointment today at London Braces Clinic for your Invisalign treatment and get your crooked teeth straightened. Call us now on 020 37457520 for your first Invisalign consultation.

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