Understanding How a Home HVAC System Actually Works in Practice

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You understand what an HVAC system is. You understand what an HVAC system does. But do you know how an HVAC system works? 

If not, and if you’re interested in finding out, you’re in the right place. We’re going to get into the nitty-gritty on HVAC system functionality, telling you exactly how your HVAC system produces hot and cold air. 

Ready? Let’s get into it! 

The Functionalities Of Different Types Of HVAC Systems

There isn’t just one type of HVAC system. There are several types, three of which are the most prominent. We’re going to discuss the functionality of each below. 

Gravity HVAC Systems

First, we’re going to discuss gravity HVAC systems. In most cases, these are furnaces, though they can be wood-burning and pellet stoves as well. These operate based on the principle that heat rises and cold falls. 

As such, when they’re turned on, the heat that they produce floats up and warms the entire rest of the home. This is why, in most cases, they’re installed at the bottom level of the house. 

Forced-Air HVAC Systems

Next up are forced-air HVAC systems. These include air conditioners and furnaces, both of which manufacture air and then send it through a series of ducts. 

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These ducts are installed to evacuate at different parts of the house. As such, when air goes through them, it makes its way into different rooms, heating or cooling them. 

These systems are extremely common and are quite cheap to run as well. For this reason, you’ll find them in a number of homes. 

Radiant HVAC Systems

Radiant HVAC systems are systems that radiate heat. They can not be used to cool homes. In most cases, they present themselves as radiators. 

The functionality of radiant HVAC systems is fairly straightforward. The radiator is heated either by boiling water or electricity. The heat then drifts from the radiator, heating the area in its close proximity. 

Radiant heating can be expensive to run. Note, though, that it can be buried behind your walls and inside of your ceiling and floors. As such, it causes no aesthetic distraction. 

If you’re going to use radiant heating, be sure to have it installed by a reputable HVAC company like https://hvacservicecost.com/. Don’t just choose any random local HVAC company. Make sure it’s a licensed HVAC company and that it has a good reputation in the HVAC industry. 

There Are Few Inventions As Influential As The HVAC System 

When it comes down to it, there are few inventions as influential as the HVAC system. In being able to heat and cool homes on demand, HVAC systems have altered the identity of the world. They have made it bearable for human beings to live in extremely hot and extremely cold climates, thus resulting in massive population migration. 

So, next time you turn on your HVAC system, think about how awesome it is to have such a cool invention in your grasp. Its simple but effective functionality has made your life better, and for that, you should be forever grateful. 

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