Understanding the Paint Protection Film Price: A Guide

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Scratches on your car are no joke. While you can repair shallow scratches for $150, deeper scratches can cost over $3,500 to repair.

And, unfortunately, it’s far too easy to scratch or ding a vehicle. Cars’ paint jobs can be damaged by bird droppings, hail, and even poorly designed car washes.

Paint protection film can be the ounce of prevention that keeps you from paying more later. But paint protection film costs vary widely. What’s a fair price to pay?

In this guide to paint protection film price, you can discover the factors that add up to the final cost of paint protection. Then, you’ll have a better sense of whether paint protection film is worth it for your ride.

What Exactly is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film (PPF) is a synthetic polymer coating. Different films are made from different materials. The most popular PPF option is a wrap.

PPF was first used in the Vietnam War as “helicopter tape.” This finish protected military vehicles from shrapnel.

Today, PPF is a liquid coating paint, tape, or finish. It protects vehicles from UV rays, debris, and other elements that might damage the car.

Paint Protection Film Price Variables

The cost of paint protection film varies. Complete coverage for a luxury car will cost more than a touch-up. Here are five key factors to consider before choosing paint protection film.

PPF Materials

Engineers develop paint protection films with specialized formulas. There are pros and cons to ceramic-based, polymer-based, and vinyl-based films.

Which material is right for you depends on your needs. Many car detailers offer multiple PPF options.

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For instance, Supreme Wraps in Orlando offers diverse PPF wraps for different drivers. Supreme Wraps XPEL Ultimate Plus is designed for vivid motocross vehicles. The vibrant, self-healing coating keeps the original paint color bold.

In contrast, the Stealth PPF is ideal for preserving a matte factory finish. Talk to a detailer to determine the type of finish works for you and what you need the most protection from.

Your Vehicle’s Condition

If your vehicle’s paint job is fresh and new, PPF is a one-step process. Unfortunately, if it has swirl marks or damage, you need paint correction first. Paint correction adds another step, which increases the final cost of your PPF.

Extent of Car Film Coverage

The more coverage you want, the more it costs. Partial or bumper-only coverage is great if you drive a car infrequently. But if you want to cover all vulnerable areas—the hood, the mirrors, etc—you’ll want full front-end coverage.

Complete coverage is the priciest option. The more coverage you need, the more PPF materials you’ll use. And, the longer the application takes. Materials + labor cost = price.

Car Paint Film Coverage Complexity

Some coverage jobs are more complicated than others. Exotic cars with sharp features and contours pose a greater challenge to detailers. Likewise, the complex designs of the BMW M3 throw a few extra hurdles in your way.

The more unusual a vehicle’s design is, the more PPF work will cost.

Protective Extras

Many detailers let you choose add-ons. These protective extras add to the price. But, for some, they’re worthwhile.

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