Unfurling The Unsung Destinations Around The World

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The world is a wonder in itself and has hidden many gems of it underneath its lap. Even if you have gone on a round the world trip multiple times, you just cannot cover or explore everything, although every tour gives unique experience, knowledge, lesson, opportunity to see the unseen. The world is full of mystery and to unveil the curtain from the visage of the mystery is not a duck soup task.

We all somehow or the other are dealing with our wanderlust soul that knows no bound and wants to fly away discovering the blue mountains and red rivers and green forests, assimilating your soul with the ancient culture of human race. Travelling is a passion we all harbor and travel booking portals though claims to proffer the worldwide travel destination packages, cannot compare to the greatness of the world.

There are many hidden gems aptly kept from us by the divine nature. These places just need a curious and enthusiast soul that truly wishes to explore the hidden beauty of these places. So what about a trip to these places no one talks about? The ones that slips through the cracks of virtual world and how and where do you learn of their existence? Well, here is a list of 4 off beat destinations around the world that is somehow equally or more magnificent than the top tourist places spreading across the world.

Marble caves of Chile

One cannot blame you if you are not aware of the stunning and iridescent marble caves of Chile. Accessible only by boats, this amazing place is a unique geographical formation, featuring a number of caverns, tunnels and pillars in monoliths of marble. It was created due to the wave actions of the lake, over the last 6,200 years.

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Psychedelic Salt Mines of Russia

It is hundreds feet below a Russian city Yekaterinburg is an abandoned salt mine, which might be the inside of a rave. The surreal swirls are caused by layers of the mineral carnallite , which can be yellow, red, blue and white. If you go down the mines, you are going down a trance, giving you goosebumps with every sight you witness.

Damascus, Syria

Ravages and destroyed by the conflicts and wars that have claimed more than 5,00,000 innocent lives of Syria, it stands as an epitome of destruction right now. Undoubtedly, looking at the contemporary situation, I cannot recommend you to visit here, but this country is a living evident, how war can shatter the many dreams of millions of years of beauty and history. Once a home to Romans as well as Greeks, war has erased all the charms of this beautiful land of ‘once upon a time’.Unfortunate.

Popeye in Malta

Also known as Sweethaven village, it was built as a set for the Walt Disney live-action musical film Popeye now has opened its doors for the general public. There are shows, rides and museums as well as play houses where children can climb and explore the beauty of this village.

You haven’t visited these places, probably you didn’t know. But now you do. So what are you waiting for? Book budget air tickets online from an online flight booking portal and fly away to live your dream.

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