Vape Carefully-7 Tips to Help You Avoid Vape Explosion

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There are a lot of smokers that are adopting vaping because they consider it a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. Vaping is also becoming popular because of the variety of flavors and types available in E cigarette shop online. There are mixed opinions about vaping as there is no hard evidence suggesting that vaping is helpful in quitting smoking. Whether vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes is also still under debate.

If you have taken up vaping then it is important that you do your research so that you understand vaping and able to do it properly and safely.

The vape devices use batteries and with batteries, there is always the danger of battery exploding. Although the explosions are rare they can seriously injure people.

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Here are a few tips for avoiding the vape explosion.

  1. When you purchase a vape you will get a manual containing the manufacturer’s recommendations. The recommendations are important so make sure that read them. They contain tips that will help in taking care of the device and preventing the battery from exploding. If there were no instructions with the vape then you should contact the manufacturer and ask questions on how you can take care of the device.
  2. Make sure that you use the safety features of the vape. The vape has safety features such as vent holes, firing button locks and protection against overcharging. The battery can explode if the battery overcharges and the safety features that prevent overcharging making sure that there is no chance of vape explosion. The safety features are put in place for a reason so make sure that you use them.
  3. If the vape batteries get wet or damaged then they are not safe to use and it is better to replace them immediately. The vape device and its batteries have an expiration date. Once the vape gets too old and worn out and the batteries are not replaceable then you will need to buy a new one.
  4. Batteries are an integral part of the vape and if you are not careful you can suffer serious injuries because of vape explosion. Make sure that you take good care of the batteries. Never put the loose batteries in a place where they can come in contact with metal objects. Be careful when putting them in the pocket or bag. Keep them in a separate pocket so they do not touch metal objects like keys or coins.
  5. Make sure that you always charge the vape with the charger that comes with it. Charging it with your phone charger is not good for the battery and can become the cause of the explosion.
  6. The manufacturer’s manual will mention the batteries that are suitable for the vape device. Make sure that you only use the recommended batteries. Different batteries have different charge levels and mixing brands can become the cause of vape explosion.
  7. Keep the vape out of extreme temperatures. Never put it in direct sunlight or leave it in the car on a cold night.

Vape explosion is dangerous but the good news is that it can be avoided by taking proper preventive measures.

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