Virtual Staging: Is It Really That Beneficial

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The Covid-19 pandemic has made home buying a tad more difficult. Today, more than ever before, real estate agents are aware of how important it is to have a strong and noticeable online presence if you want to sell a home fast. Homebuyers can’t go from door to door looking at homes as conveniently as before, so now they turn to the internet. There, they can do their search, and see all the virtually staged homes homeowners put on the market.

If you go for a traditional type of home staging, you may lose hundreds of potential buyers who decided to start the search for their next home online rather than in person. And that is not even the end of it. Keep on reading for more advantages that virtual staging brings.

Speed to Market

Think about this: Physical staging requires significant investment (and cash), and in the present real estate market, time (and making a sale quickly) is crucial. When advertising a property, having the option to get the listing in a matter of days, instead of weeks is a privilege you should not let slip away. Here is an important notion for you: when staging a bedroom to sell and using a professional virtual stager you will end up with a completely furnished, decorated, and realistic image of the room in just a couple of business days. And it goes for each and every room you decide to stage.


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Also, virtual staging takes into consideration an additional layer of adaptability that you basically will not have when staging with actual furnishings. For instance, with traditional staging, you can add a couple of pieces, like a particular bed or bedside tables with goods that supplement it. One the other hand, with virtual staging, you’re ready to feature the home in various manners, giving you the adaptability to tailor your way to deal with appeal to a more extensive scope of potential buyers.

Some may incline toward a warm, family-accommodating home (maybe a family with children), while a younger couple may be attracted to an advanced, contemporary look with decorations to coordinate it. With virtual staging, you can undoubtedly introduce the two choices. This way a greater number of buyers may see themselves living there. The greater the number, the quicker the place will sell.


Traditional staging can be expensive; quite often the price is somewhere around 1-3% of the listing price. Then again, virtual staging costs under 1% of the deal cost. And you also need to consider the above mentioned fact that you can change the design easily without having to buy the actual furniture and décor pieces to do so. So, you save on the staging service, and you also save on the costs that entail furnishing your room to fit the needs of the potential buyers. Thus, you’re basically saving money yet getting a great deal more — that appears to be an easy decision to me!

It Helps the Property Stand Out

As we already established, most people start their home-search on the internet. Since the market is so big, it is a great idea to think of ways to stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression. This way you can grab the buyer’s attention, and make the first step toward a sale contract early on. Virtual staging can help you achieve that. The technologies virtual stagers use can turn any space to life in no time. They use techniques that show the room’s full potential, yet still leave place for the buyers to use their own imagination when picturing their future.

It Boosts the Price of the Home

When choosing styles, pieces and designs during the process of staging a bedroom to sell and showcase, you need to be aware that once this is done right a buyer can connect to the place. Emotionally even. This means that appropriate styling and design can help with the “saleability” of the home, and thus boost the price as well. The return is definitely worth the investment. And as we saw above, investing in virtual staging is not even that big of a deal. You will show the best parts of the home, highlight the best features, and with this increase the value of the home. When buyers are impressed, they wouldn’t mind the few extra bucks they need to pay. It’s their dream home, after all.

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