Web Developer Jobs in India: Role and Career Scope

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Digital Marketing in today’s time is at its peak now. In today’s time, no business can run without a proper website. With e-commerce, the need for websites has increased. This has increased the demand for web developer jobs for building a good website. For tech-savvy students, web developing is a good career option. There is a huge scope of career growth in web development

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Skills required to be a Web Developer

It is to be noted that web developing and web designing are two different profiles. While in web designing, you are basically working with front and back end programming, in web development, you have to be concerned with the interface as well. Thus, there are some essential requisites to be good in web developer jobs. You should have knowledge on not only graphic designing but also interface designing, including usage of standard codes and proprietary software and also SEO techniques. To do well in the job, you should keep yourself up-dated with all the latest developing tools, strategies and processes.

Role of web developers

The role of web developers can be divided into three main categories:

  • Front-end development: Here, candidates are involved in building dynamic interfaces for websites or apps. Knowledge on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Angular, React, and other frameworks is a must for such web developer jobs. Front-end development is mainly entry level jobs, suitable for the fresh graduates with web development skills.
  • Back-end development: Here, candidates have to design websites and also make them functional. For such web developer jobs, candidates should have knowledge on a server-side programming language like as JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc and other associated frameworks.
  • Full-stack development: Such a job role require the knowledge of both front-end and back-end development. Web developer jobs for full-stack development are for candidates with experience and requisite skills.
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Career scope of web developer jobs

There are many areas/sectors/industries where candidates with qualification, experience and skills are wanted for web developer jobs. Web developers are required in the development of various apps in today’s time. Mobile app development is another area where there are prospective jobs. Big brands like as Google, Nokia, Samsung etc. require skilled Mobile application developers, whose job is an integral part of web development.

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There is a great scope of growth for web developers in the animation and gaming industry. If you are an expert with professional certification in VFX, graphic and web designing, gaming designs, 3D/4D designs, you can find good jobs in this field. In fact, the gaming industry is seeing a significant growth in recent time.

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Not only this, web development with specializations skills in animation and other graphics and visual effects, has great opportunities in the entertainment industry also. 3D, 4D movies have immensely used modern web development and visual effects technologies.

There are huge opportunities for web developers in different industries, from IT and ITES to health-care, from tourism to hospitality, from banking to insurance and so on. Many private and public companies hire web developers for their online work and web development. With the rapid growth of the online industry, the demand of web developer jobs is increasing In short, web developers have great scope in our country. So long the Internet and the online industry exist, there can never be a shortage of web developer jobs. But web developing is also very competitive. For every web developer position in any organization, there will be hundreds of job applicants. So, to do well in web developing and designing jobs, you should be different from the rest. It is to be noted that web developer jobs can also be taken up as flexible jobs. This way, you can take up different web developing jobs from various organizations at the same time, and can earn a good amount of money.

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