What Are Some Of The Best Car Service Hacks?

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Lots of people want to learn to fix small car problems on their own. It is right; why you should spend lots of money on something that you can do on your own in a few minutes. As long as you find a company that offers cheap car services, you can carefreely take it to them. But fixing the car on your own is a brilliant idea to save time and money. I believe you are anxious to know some of the best car service hacks. Tune in to the article as it is going to mention all the hacks.

Hack # 1: Fix dents and door dings: 

Mechanics use a large suction cup to recover dents on the car. But did you know that you can use the same technique with your home appliances? There are several ways of recovering dents with common accessible tools and equipment at home. 

a- With a hair-dryer: 

Heat the dent by using a hairdryer. As the area heats up, cover it with aluminum foil immediately. And start rubbing dry ice on the aluminum foil. The sudden change in temperature from hot to cold will make the area pop up. In this way, the dent will recover. 

b- With a plunger: 

You can also recover a dent using a plunger. It is very effective on small dents. All you have to do is to position it on the dent and move the handle up and down. 

Hack # 2: Fix scratches 

Probably some of the most irritating things that happen to our cars are scratches and marks. They ruin the aesthetics of the car. If your car gets scratched, you do not need to go to a mechanic for a make-over. Instead, you must look for the closest shade of nail polish that matches the color of the car. Cover the scratches with nail paint, and they will disappear. And it will never look as if you have sealed it with nail paint. 

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Hack # 3: Replace engine filter: 

Changing the engine filter looks very technical, but it is not. You can inspect and change the engine filter. All you have to do is to unscrew the air filter box retainers. Remove the filter and start the inspection. Pass the light through the filter. if most of the light passes through the filter, it is perfect. But if the amount of light passing through it very little, you need to change it. Buy a filter and replace it with the old one and tighten it with screws. 

Hack # 4: Replace Cabin Air filter

You can also replace the air filter on your own. It is a task that will save you a considerable amount of money. You can find the air filter easily as it is located behind the glove box, in the air ducks. Remove the covers and slide out the filter. Install a new filter in the same place and cover it. 

Hack # 5: Fix car leaks

You must have used this hack many times, but now it is time to experiment on the car. You can seal the car leaks with bubble gum. Yes, a bubble gum. Chew a bubble gum until it turns smooth and sticky. Apply it on the worn-out portion of the leaking area, and that’s it. 

Hack # 6: Prevent windshield wipers from scratching the windshield

It has happened with almost everyone that a hard particle comes in the way of the windshield wipers, and they end up marking a wide scratch on the windscreen. Also, the bare blades can also scratch the screen if they have corroded. To avoid this, you must wrap the windshield wipers with a stocking. It will help the wipers work as well as new wipers. 

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