What Are The Basic Cooking Method Used in Commercial Kitchen?

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If you have ever wondered what happens inside a commercial kitchen while you are waiting on the table for your ordered food, this article is just for you. Most people are curious to learn about the cooking techniques and methods used in commercial kitchens that make their food different. However, it is not the cooking method that makes the difference. The setting of the commercial kitchen is quite different from that we have in our homes. Moreover, the equipment, recipes, ingredients, and techniques that are used give the dishes a taste of perfection. Here are a few basic cooking methods that restaurants use. These methods are quite similar to what you do at home, but with a slight difference.


Baking is a dry heating and cooking method widely used in commercial kitchens. Because most of the popular food items such as pasta, lasagna, pizza, pies, cakes, cupcakes, and doughnuts need baking, different types of ovens are being used in restaurants. Convection ovens, conventional ovens, conveyor pizza ovens UK, deck ovens, and rack ovens are some of the most commonly used ovens in commercial kitchens. These ovens are used to bake in a way that radiant heat is equally transferred to the inners areas of the food as well as on the outer sides. Some ovens use heat fan technology for equal heat distribution at both high and low temperatures.


Ovens are also used in roasting where indirect heat cooks the vegetables, meat, or poultry and evenly crisp it from the outside. For example, you may see that the Turkey or chicken roast that you eat in a restaurant is more evenly brown and crispy from the outside while still soft and juicy from the inside. The method of roasting is the same for all. It is just that restaurants take it out on the right time with adjusted timers and temperatures. You can roast at very low temperatures between 200 degrees and 350 degrees Fahrenheit for tougher cuts of meat. If the cuts are tenderer, you can increase the temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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While you have a single pan for frying your chicken pieces, nuggets, fish, and fries, commercial kitchens use a range of fryers according to the type of frying a certain dishes needs. Shallow frying, deep-frying, and pressure frying are three different frying methods that cannot be perfectly done with a single technique. Not only you have to maintain the oil level and temperature, but you also have to use different frying machines for flawless results.

Steam Cooking

Two types of steam cooking are used in commercial kitchens. One is pressurized and the other is called unpressurized or vacuum. Pressurized steam cooking is fast, efficient and done o higher temperatures. Unpressurized cooking, on the other hand, is also used for fast cooking, but the steam is more condensed on the food. Mostly steaming is used for vegetables, desserts, fish, and shellfish.

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