What Are The Best Vacation Spots for Singles?

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So you broke up and are trying to get over it but you can’t find a medium to let it all out. Nothing is better than travelling in such a situation. So there are about a thousand spots that you can visit but what is best for singles only? Curious to find out? Keep on reading.

Cognac, France

If you are a drinker and want to let it all out in a bar and waste yourself away like Chris Redfield, you can’t find any better place than Cognac. It is essentially a booze land. That is the closest description we can give you. This is where Henny was born and the rest of his lot. It is a long drive from Paris and you can’t go past two inches without finding a vintage bottle of rum. The place is famous for its exquisite distilleries and has a variety with a taste that you can’t find anywhere else.

Cognac has been fairly multicultural. That is why you find all sorts of brandies from all over the world. If you have a lot of money to spend but haven’t got a partner, there is plenty where you can waste that. There are rows of gift shops which almost look like pawn shops. If you are a man of taste maybe you can find something of your liking. Things like souvenirs, old aged wine flasks and what not! Just stock some of them while you are on your way.

This place is also home to Europe’s best Bar – BarLouise. It has an old royal French-designed bar coloured in vanilla. Undoubtedly this is a place that every single should visit. You will hear sounds from the past of French army men who found solace after a long day in the field. If you are someone who would like to feel the history instead of reading it, do give this place a go. One more thing – People are extremely friendly here. They will be eager to offer you a free drink. So get to know more people and enjoy your life.

Everglades City, Florida

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We couldn’t finish this writing without mentioning this beauty. Florida has timeless beauty scattered all around from top to bottom. From the pinkish skies to turquoise waters, it is a good start for your vacation. But where should you start? After all, Florida is known to be a famous honeymoon spot. But you don’t want to see those couples roaming around you. If you are thinking of going to the South beach, don’t! Those rich kids partying day and night with their girls aren’t going to make you feel all that great.

Enter the Everglades. This is a place for the daring and the adventurous. It is a National park with a huge swamp where mosquitoes will be your host and gators will be your co drinkers. Just don’t ask them what’s for dinner. This is a very unpredictable place. Some people also encountered panthers on their way. If you go further you may also see mangrove forest and uninhabited islands. So are you up for an adventure?

Final Word

Stop sulking and start acting. These are the places that will make you feel freer. So cherish your time and take on the adventure. Do consult online travel agencies UK before you take on your journey.

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