What are the Causes of Poor Waste Management?

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Waste management is a serious global issue in both developed and developing countries. While million tons of waste are produced annually, the number of waste management companies/organizations is unable to completely cater to the waste being produced. Solid waste management is necessary since poor management leads to various types of pollutions affecting the environment and its well-being. Poorly disposed waste is still one of the biggest reasons for the spreading of diseases. Poor solid waste management is caused by several factors including political scenario, lack of awareness, economic situation, and even one’s willpower.

Political Scenario

Waste management is highly dependent on the state’s laws and regulations. Waste management policy is necessary to be developed on the state level for the effective implementation of waste management practices throughout the country. Unfortunately, most of the time waste management is not given the priority it deserves causing poor waste management. It is very necessary when either you vote or choose your leader to determine if he gives such issues the same importance as you do or not.

Economic Situation

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Most of the time the financial resources of one’s region do not allow waste management companies to work with its fullest capacity. In most parts of the world, it is still needed to be understood that Waste is a Resource and effective waste management can lead to Revenue generation as well. If waste is poorly managed it will lead to numerous diseases ultimately affecting the economic situation. On the other hand, properly managed waste not only saves the region from diseases but most of the waste can be converted into useful products and lead to a circular economy.

Lack of Awareness

This is still one of the biggest issues in proper waste management. Illiteracy towards waste management practices is the main hindrance in waste management. People are not aware of the environmental, health, and safety impacts of poor waste management and hence do not play their due role. It is very important to understand that waste management is not only the responsibility of the government or the relevant waste management companies, but every individual has to manage their waste. Houses can have a skip hired in their backyard to properly manage the waste. Many waste management companies like Cheadle skip hire provides skip with proper guideline. One can order from them and install it at their home.

Lack of Will Power

Usually, it is considered that waste handling is the job of waste management companies or the government, which is wrong. Waste management is the responsibility of every individual who produces waste. Hence people need to show some concern towards the environment, try to be more involved in their waste handling, and also put some effort voluntarily to reduce the burden on waste management companies. The voluntary efforts may include sourcing and segregating the waste on-site, using proper skips, avoid hoarding, try composting, and showing some appreciation towards the one who is working for waste management. Because at the end of the day everyone who is working for a better cause deserves your gratitude.

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