What Are The Indicators Of High-Value Antique Pocket Watches

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If you appreciate micro-engineering of the very highest standard, you will no doubt own at least one antique pocket watch, which was skilfully fabricated by a top watchmaker. These amazing timepieces are very valuable, as you would expect and if you have ever wondered what the key indicators are when valuing an antique pocket watch, you are in luck.


Of course, the age of a pocket watch would have an impact on its value. To call something ‘antique’, it must be at least 100 years of age. A pocket watch made in 1924 would technically still be termed ‘vintage’, while one made in 2022 would be classed as ‘antique’. Early pocket watches would be of the highest value; some are almost 300 years old. If you want to buy this type of watch and be sure of its authenticity, the online antique dealer is the best place to look.

Watch Maker

Some watchmakers are more valued than others; Omega and Tissot are two examples of highly valued brands, and fine examples of these items can be seen at Kalmar Antiques selection of antique pocket watches Australia as well as collectors in other parts of the world would surely go for. For more information on the best brands of pocket watches, Google can help you find what you are looking for. The long and colorful history of some watchmakers makes for very interesting reading, imagine them at work, carefully hand-crafting tiny components that fit precisely, long before the days of machinery.


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Of course, the condition of a pocket watch impacts its value; very good condition would be the top rating, while ‘in need of repair’ would lower the value. When looking to acquire a pocket watch, any repair cost would need to be taken off the value and pocket watch repairs are very costly.

Service History

Much like a car, a pocket watch should have a full-service history that details the many services carried out. Any timepiece with no service history would not be as valuable as one with a full-service history. Even the finest timepiece needs to be maintained if it is to continue to perform accurately. For such a valuable object, regular servicing is essential, and records must be kept, with the mark of the watch repair specialist.


Rarity is yet another variable that affects the value of a pocket watch; some of the finest examples fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are rare occasions when such a pocket watch is discovered hidden in a person’s bequeathed assets or found in a drawer somewhere; if such a find occurs, the timepiece would likely be auctioned to fetch the best price. There are occasions when an antique dealer comes across a very rare pocket watch that has managed to remain anonymous and the lucky dealer would make a fortune, having picked up the timepiece for next to nothing.

If you have a pocket watch and you would like to have the timepiece valued, talk to a leading antique dealer, who would be happy to appraise the item. If, on the other hand, you would like to acquire a pocket watch to add to your collection, the antique dealer has a comprehensive catalog and you can search by brand, price, or period.

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