What Does Mean by Compactor? How it is Different from Baler?

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The right waste management system can make all the difference in the world. It is essential for your business to effectively remove your waste to ensure a tidy and healthy working environment. If your business deals with waste management, choosing the right waste management system is essential. Typically, two machines, namely compactor and baler are used to recycle waste. Knowing how they are different can impact your decision to choose one for your business and ultimately affect how well your business can operate. Both compactor and baler use compression technique to recycle the waste, however, there are some key differences between the two machines. Keep on reading to find out.


Baler is a good choice to recycle wastes like paper cardboard, plastics and even metal. The waste can be packed into a compact size by compressing them into a bale and are resold to recycling companies. The bales can be neatly stacked on top of each other and are easy to manage. It keeps the work area tidy and clean.  Balers have different sizes and types. The vertical balers are used to deal with small to medium waste volumes and can be easily operated. There are also semi-auto balers that are used for baling high volumes of waste at a time. Another type of baler is the stockroom baler which is the best choice for retailers. Installing a baler will significantly reduce your expenditure on waste management. It is easy to manage and provides a cleaner environment without making much mess.


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A compactor is a ‘take all in’ type of waste management machine. It is primarily used for managing huge volumes of unsorted waste. The Compactor reduces the volume of the waste and puts it in a container. The container is then picked up by the recycling companies. The compression reduces the size of waste to almost one third and you spend a lot less on waste management than you did before. Your employees can use this machine with minimal training.

Which One Should You Choose?

Deciding what your primary objective is will help you decide which machine to get. Are you looking to recycle your waste by spending minimal budget? Do you want a cleaner environment to work with while dealing with your waste? If so, baler is the right choice for you. If you want to deal with general unsorted trash, just get a compactor. It will compact your waste in containers with just a press of a button. If recycling your waste and reducing waste management costs is your sole purpose, we recommend investing in a baler. For all other purposes related to waste management, get a compactor.


If you are still sceptical of these machines, just get a skip hire. Check here for cheap skip hire Stockport. Skip hire is also a feasible choice if you are dealing with a lot of waste at once. For more information on skip hire, visit our blog.

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